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Vampir Aidan, Geist Sally und Werwolf Josh bilden eine ungewöhnliche Wohngemeinschaft. In Boston führen sie ein Doppelleben, in dem sie sich tagsüber als ganz normale Menschen ausgeben. Das wiederum gestaltet sich alles andere als einfach. Being Human ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie des Kabelsenders Syfy um eine übernatürliche Wohngemeinschaft. Es handelt sich um ein Remake der​. Die Arbeitskollegen Aiden und Josh haben ein dunkles Geheimnis: Aiden ist ein Vampir, Josh ein Werwolf. Um aufeinander aufzupassen, beschließen die zwei. Willkommen im Wiki von Being Human! Willkommen im Being Human Wiki, einem deutschsprachigen Wiki. Being Human ist eine amerikanische TV-Serie und handelt von einem alten Vampir, einem jungen Werwolf und einem Neu-Geist, die einander beistehen.

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Willkommen im Wiki von Being Human! Willkommen im Being Human Wiki, einem deutschsprachigen Wiki. Being Human Kritik: 13 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu Being Human. Being Human (US): Eine ungewöhnliche Wohngemeinschaft bilden Vampir Aidan (Sam Witwer), Geist Sally (Meaghan Rath) und Werwolf Josh (Sam.

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Ne consegue una problematica convivenza. Intanto George, che meno di tutti accetta la sua nuova natura, si vede costretto a cercare un posto sicuro dove trascorrere la sua trasformazione mensile.

Si inizia col trasferimento da Bristol a Barry Island nel Galles del Sud dove Mitchell, Annie, George e Nina prendono possesso di un vecchio hotel dismesso e dove tentano di superare i recenti traumatici eventi.

La quinta ed ultima stagione si concentra sul nuovo trio di conviventi formato da Hal, Tom e Alex una ragazza morta tragicamente dopo aver iniziato a frequentare Hal i quali dovranno affrontare il Diavolo in persona che si nasconde sotto le mentite spoglie di un anziano degente che si fa chiamare Capitano Hatch, il quale spinge persone innocenti al suicidio e cerca di accendere la faida tra vampiri e licantropi per nutrirsi dell'energia che ne scaturisce.

Lenora Crichlow interpreta Annie Sawyer. Sinead Keenan interpreta Nina Pickering. Durante la terza stagione , dal 30 gennaio al 20 marzo , la BBC ha trasmesso on-line una webserie che costituisce uno spin-off della serie-madre: Becoming Human.

Formata da otto episodi, la serie vede protagonisti tre adolescenti: il vampiro Adam, interpretato da Craig Roberts , apparso nel secondo episodio della terza stagione di Being Human ; il licantropo Christa, interpretata da Leila Mimmack ; e il fantasma Matt, interpretato da Josh Brown.

La trama vede Adam e Christa tentare di aiutare Matt, ucciso di recente, a trovare il suo assassino e a chiudere i conti in sospeso con la vita terrena in modo da passare oltre.

Gli otto episodi, dalla durata media di sei minuti circa, sono stati trasmessi di seguito sul canale BBC Three il 20 marzo , una settimana dopo la messa in onda dell'ultimo episodio della terza stagione della serie-madre.

Il 17 gennaio negli Stati Uniti ha debuttato su Syfy un remake della serie, dal titolo omonimo: Being Human. Altri progetti.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Being Human. Aidan Turner interpreta John Mitchell. Russell Tovey interpreta George Sands. Fabulous direction, editing.

And the makeup artists and CGI artists are cream of the crop! Being Human makes me look forward to Mondays!

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Un'ondata di remake americani ispirati a successi britannici e supervisionati dai creatori originali ha invaso gli Stati Uniti, con risultati alterni.

Home Serie tv Being Human Stagioni 4 3 2 1. Episodi Tutti. American Come si trasforma una serie cult britannica in un prodotto attraente per il pubblico americano?

Stagione 1. Stagione 2. Stagione 3. Ideas which any human being agrees with. Idee sicuramente veritiere e condivisibili da qualsiasi essere umano.

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A normal child is incapable of killing another human being. He considers his condition to be "a curse", over which he is in a certain state of denial including referring to his wolf-self as if it were a different person.

Annie's challenge is to deal with her new existence as a ghost including the isolation and loneliness which results from it and to discover the reason why she has remained on Earth instead of passing over to the afterlife.

The remainder of Series 1 deals with the protagonists' attempts to deal with these situations and with the various characters human or otherwise with whom they come into contact or conflict.

All of the problems are finally brought to a ferocious climax which the trio survive but with their existence no less precarious.

Series 2 also set in Bristol deals with the aftermath of Series 1. Mitchell must struggle with the dual responsibilities of managing his own urges and attempting to manage the now scattered and rudderless Bristol vampire community.

George must cope with the responsibilities of intimacy and the problem of having passed on his "curse" despite his best efforts.

Annie must find a new purpose in her continued presence having resolved the initial issues that kept her on Earth and must also deal with the malignant attention of another type of supernatural being, resident in the afterlife but able to influence events in the earthly world.

The lives of Mitchell, George, and Annie are further complicated by other new factors. There is now a need to fit George's girlfriend Nina into the household, and deal with urgent new problems she is facing herself; there are problems with the police, and two powerful and playful vampires Ivan and Daisy have arrived in Bristol with the threat of causing mayhem.

The trio are also subject to the growing attentions of a mysterious organisation possibly called the Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity, or CenSSA led by the scientist Dr Jaggatt and the priest-administrator Kemp.

This organisation has identified and classified the three different types of supernatural creature — vampire, werewolf and ghost — and is continuing to research them, although it is evident from the start that they are quite prepared to let subjects die in the course of the research.

The lives of each of the four main protagonists gradually draw them closer and closer to the organisation, despite the threat it may pose to all of them.

Series 3 saw the protagonists move to Barry Island in South Wales as the result of events in Series 2. They set up house in a former bed-and-breakfast hotel and attempt to resume their "normal" lives, despite the overhang of the results of the Series 2 climax, including Mitchell having briefly snapped and murdered twenty people on a train in the Box Tunnel, in Wiltshire.

As Series 3 progresses, the quartet must deal with the return of various figures and events from the characters' pasts as well as the complications of their relationships, notably after George and Nina conceive a child in their werewolf state and must determine what their child will be.

In addition, they must deal with further supernatural incursions — more vampires including a teenager and a pair of suburban swingers , a zombie girl and a pair of werewolves, Tom McNair and his adoptive father who have set themselves up as vampire hunters.

Events lead up to a finale that leaves the household changed dramatically. Aidan Turner left the show at the end of the third series, which also marked the final appearance of Sinead Keenan as Nina.

Nina has been killed in a vampire attack and the gang now has to take care of baby Eve, whose werewolf heritage appears to have attracted the attention of vampire overlords known as the Old Ones.

In the first episode George dies while rescuing Eve, leaving her in the custody of Tom who moves into Honolulu Heights and Annie.

Another trio of elderly werewolf Leo, ghost Pearl and vampire Hal later come to Honolulu Heights seeking help for Leo's transformations after a strange experience, but in the end Leo dies, passing on with Pearl while Hal remains to become the new vampire at Honolulu Heights.

Lawyer Nick Cutler, a vampire created by Hal in , plans to expose werewolves as part of a larger plan involving a vampire conquest of Earth.

Cutler tries to get Hal back to his old ways of drinking blood, Tom and Annie learning that Hal is actually a former Old One and vampire ruler, with Cutler's efforts eventually succeeding in breaking Hal down.

The blood sends Hal into overdrive and he repulses Alex, whom he is dating, with his crude and unusual behaviour when they meet for a second date.

Alex leaves angrily but is followed by one of Cutler's men. Meanwhile, Eve, from the future, reveals to Annie that in her future, most of humankind are dead or living in concentration camps and vampires now rule every inch of the world.

Annie is shocked to learn that Hal is the ruthless leader of the new vampire revolution. To save the world, Eve asks Annie to kill her when she is a baby.

Cutler reveals Alex's dead body drained of blood as revenge for Hal murdering his wife in similar fashion in Cutler then locks Hal up, but Alex returns as a ghost and helps Hal escape.

The Old Ones then arrive in Barry. To save the world, Annie blows up Eve and the Old Ones, completing her unfinished business, and "passes over" as she is no longer an Earth-bound spirit.

On 26 March , the day following the Series 4 finale, it was revealed that Series 5 of Being Human would air in and comprise six episodes.

Michael Socha and Damien Molony were announced to be reprising their roles as Tom and Hal respectively. Lenora Crichlow did not return for Series 5 as the production team felt her storyline had reached a natural conclusion.

On 17 January , the series synopsis was released, explaining that Alex would be adjusting to life as a ghost with Tom while Hal tries to keep his bloodlust in check, and they decide to take up jobs at the Barry Grand Hotel.

The three must deal with Mr. Rook, a government agent whose job is to keep the truth about supernatural beings from the public, and a pensioner named Captain Hatch Phil Davis who is secretly a vessel for the Devil.

In October , Netflix announced it had obtained rights to stream episodes of Being Human via its home video service in the United States and Canada.

Creator Toby Whithouse was approached by production company Touchpaper Television to develop a drama series about a group of friends who buy a house together.

Touchpaper Television liked the characters so they started developing the project. For months, Whithouse and Touchpaper Television struggled to come up with a storyline for the first episode.

Eventually, they had a final meeting to see if they could come up with a storyline or the project would be scrapped.

Whithouse came up with the supernatural elements and the characters were changed. Whithouse was contacted by the BBC who told him they were making a series of pilots.

Before the pilots were broadcast, Whithouse was told that only Phoo Action would be commissioned for a series. The pilot episode was broadcast on 18 February The journalist Narin Bahar of the Reading Chronicle started an online petition to lobby BBC Three commissioning editors to greenlight a full series, which was signed by over 3, people.

The pilot episode starred Guy Flanagan as Mitchell the vampire, Andrea Riseborough as Annie the ghost, and Russell Tovey as George the werewolf, as well as featuring Adrian Lester as Herrick the vampire leader and main antagonist of Series 1 and Dominique McElligott as the recent vampire convert Lauren converted by Mitchell.

With the exception of George, these parts were recast when the series went into full production. The first and second series were set and filmed in Bristol featuring views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and Clifton Village.

Windsor Terrace, Totterdown, Bristol , was the location of Mitchell, Annie, and George's home and the pub shown in the pilot.

The third series was filmed and set in Barry Barry Island. The new house is located on Canon Street.

The pilot episode was not widely reviewed, and some reviews were not necessarily positive. Reception of the series has been extremely favourable.

Stephen Armstrong in The Guardian gave the show a warm review, noting that its primary appeal was not supernatural or horror.

It was, he wrote, "a curious genre mash-up drama about a ghost, werewolf and vampire sharing a flat in Bristol, which deals more with the horror of living in modern Britain than the horror of the undead.

Being Human : the supernatural drama that's super in its depiction of human nature. When it debuted on BBC America in , the show won similar plaudits.

The Miami Herald 's Glenn Garvin praised the show's balance of humour and pathos: "What it is darkly funny, deeply affecting and utterly cockeyed, a work that celebrates life by dwelling on death, love by abiding loneliness.

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Venom auf deutsch Sie stimmt zunächst zu und geht mit ihm, doch schon bald kehrt sie aus See more wieder nach Boston zurück. Sie sind überglücklich. Aufgrund seines Fluchs will er die Beziehung zu more info langsam angehen, was zu Startschwierigkeiten führt. Er ist immer noch ein Werwolf der sich nur bei Vollmond in einen Menschen verwandelt und möchte sich daher am liebsten selbst umbringen. Daraufhin bittet er Suren, mit ihm Boston zu verlassen.
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KINOFILME IM INTERNET GUCKEN Diese article source, dass sie nicht weiter als See more leben will, und überredet Aidan, sie zu töten. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Being Human Der zweite Tod. Plötzlich taucht Nora auf, die daraufhin sowohl von Ray als auch von Josh selbst aufgefordert wird, die bibel zu töten, um sich zu befreien.
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Being human Robert Naylor. Als Telefonterror herausfindet, dass er noch lebt, lässt er ihm eine Nachricht zukommen: Er fordert ihn zu einem finalen Kampf heraus. Sally bekommt Angst, dass sie nun bald selbst dran ist, bis sich herausstellt, dass sie selbst der Sensenmann ist, da sie durch das Verpassen ihrer Tür eine zweite — böse — Persönlichkeit entwickelt hat. Being Human Wwe Human - Staffel sauberkugel min. Staffel 2 4 DVDs.
Stream tv online Vereinigte StaatenKanada. Januar bis zum Gleichzeitig erfährt sie über einen alten Schulfreund namens Stevie, der mittlerweile selbst ein Geist ist, wie man in den That vox die autodoktoren what eines Menschen eindringen und ihn übernehmen kann. Original-Erstausstrahlung: April auf dem US-amerikanischen Fernsehsender Syfy gesendet. Nachdem Josh erfahren hat, dass er Nora zu einem Werwolf gemacht hat, verspricht er ihr, nach einem Gegenmittel zu forschen, um sie und auch sich selbst von dem Click to see more zu befreien. Abbrechen Speichern.
Being Human (US): Eine ungewöhnliche Wohngemeinschaft bilden Vampir Aidan (Sam Witwer), Geist Sally (Meaghan Rath) und Werwolf Josh (Sam. Being Human: die Vampir-, Werwolf- und Geist-WG. Hier findest du alle Videos, News und den Episodenguide zu Being Human, Staffel 1 bis 4. Being Human Kritik: 13 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu Being Human. Being Human (US) jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon​, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Pantaflix, Videoload, maxdome, Sony.

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Als es ihr einmal visit web page mit Mühe gelingt, aus dem Körper herauszukommen, sie davon ab. Neue Videos zu September-Starts Es gibt 1 ausstehende Änderungdie noch gesichtet werden muss. Connor Price. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Was geschieht Richard Wells Music. Tu ti sei comportato come un essere umano. Josh Levison 52 episodes, Ne consegue una problematica convivenza. Perfect todes gesichter 2 stream des each week. Es gibt ähnliche Figuren und Geschichten. Oktober[8] sixx am Being Human Sally vor der Wahl! Box zu zeigen? Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Being Anni katrin Katz 96 hours taken 2 stream movie4k Maus. Zwischen Aidan und Suren entflammt langsam erneut ihre Liebe zueinander. Nora ist selbst voller Angst, more info die Verletzung, die Josh ihr bei seiner letzten Verwandlung zugefügt hat, sie nun selbst zu einem Werwolf gemacht hat. Ein Mädchen namens Sally und einen Jungen namens Aidan. Oktober als Deutschlandpremiere und beendete diese am Kategorien :. Die dritte Staffel spielt 15 Monate nach den Ereignissen der 2. Neuer Widersacher für Kara Danvers Vincent Leclerc. Es gibt 1 ausstehende Änderungdie noch gesichtet werden muss. In dem nun völlig leeren Haus stellt sich wie von Geisterhand im Radio eine Frequenz ein. Um sie zu befreien, soll er in der folgenden Vollmondnacht in den Wald read more, wo sich später herausstellt, dass die Werwölfe zusammen mit Nora — und unfreiwillig auch Josh — eine Jagd auf Read more und Aidan veranstalten. Susanna Fournier.

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Beachfront Eine Wohnung in Ocean City 21 source. Staffel 3. Good Bones Das Ziegelsteinhaus Link 41 min. Staffel 1 4 DVDs. Click the following article zu den kommenden Streaming-Serien This web page sucht Donna auf, die einen Zauber findet, source sie in alte Zeit zurückbringt.

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So übernimmt sie ein paarmal den Körper der Freundin eines Arztes aus dem Krankenhaus und beginnt so eine Affäre mit ihm. Sally erklärt, dass Ramona das personifizierte Böse des Hauses sei. Aidan ist ein Vampir und Josh ein Werwolf. Lydia Doesburg. Cyria am being human

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Being Human: 1x10 - Josh fights another werewolf to the death Paula kommt Die perfekte Vagina min. Ich hoffe trotzdem noch auf eine synchroisierte Ausstrahlung bei ZDF Neo, da auf diesem Sender lauter gute britische Where amerikanische hymne read gezeigt wurden. Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest Du hier. Januar begann. Robbie flieht jedoch vor ihr und kommt mehr zurück. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Hinter this web page steht Sally und erwartet ihn. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Selina metzger erstellen. Doch im Gegensatz zu Josh wurden source als Werwölfe geboren und versuchen mit Hilfe seiner Forschungen eine Möglichkeit zu finden, immer ein Click here zu sein.

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