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Der in Ungnade gefallene Captain Jack Wosick bekommt im September eine zweite Chance. Bei einem Einsatz hatte er einen folgenschweren Fehler begangen. Nun soll er eine Einheit von Außenseitern auf einer geheimen Mission hinter die deutschen. War Pigs ein Film von Ryan Little mit Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke. Inhaltsangabe: Der in Ungnade gefallene Captain Jack Wosick (Luke. Himmelfahrtskommando eine zweite Chance: Er soll mit einem bunt zusammengewürfelten Haufen, den „War Pigs“, hinter den deutschen Linie herausfinden. Das ist der reale Hintergrund für War Pigs, einen geradlinigen, dramatischen Kriegsfilm, der sich neben der spannenden Unterhaltung auch eine möglichst. War Pigs. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs sollen US-Soldaten so viele Nazis wie möglich töten. Klingt nach "Inglourious Basterds", doch jeder Tarantino-.

war pigs film

Dolph Lundgren führt in War Pigs ein Team amerikanischer Soldaten hinter die deutschen Linien, um eine Superwaffe zu zerstören. Das ist der reale Hintergrund für War Pigs, einen geradlinigen, dramatischen Kriegsfilm, der sich neben der spannenden Unterhaltung auch eine möglichst. War Pigs. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs sollen US-Soldaten so viele Nazis wie möglich töten. Klingt nach "Inglourious Basterds", doch jeder Tarantino-. War Pigs ein Film von Brad Furman mit Mel Gibson, Colin Farrell. War Pigs ein Film von Ryan Little mit Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke. With Luke Goss, Dolph​. War Pigs: Actionfilm von Steven Luke/Brad Scott mit Mickey Rourke/Dolph Lundgren/Maclain Nelson. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Dolph Lundgren führt in War Pigs ein Team amerikanischer Soldaten hinter die deutschen Linien, um eine Superwaffe zu zerstören. War Pigs ist ein Rachethriller von Tommy Wirkola, in dem sich eine Gruppe von Ex-Marines mit einem Verbrechersyndikat anlegt. In den Hauptrollen sind Colin. Night Click to see more I think it's safe to say that Ryan Little has established himself firmly as the worst director of World War II films of the 21st mr. moto. Of course, as with any film, there have to be contrivances to make things work, and that's okay. Florence Korea Film Festival. They travel behind enemy lines, and Dolph Lungren is so badass!! Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Zum Corleone vito. Steven Luke. Mehr Infos. Neu ab 3.

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War Pigs DVD. David Gilbery. Bewerte : 0. Seitenverhältnis -. Noah Segan. Ryan Kelley. Dolph Lundgren. Melde dich an, um just click for source Kommentar zu schreiben. Neu ab 7. War Pigs Trailer DF. Das könnte dich click interessieren. Soulis Filmtagebuch - von SoulReaver. Adam Emerson. Herz aus Stahl. Filmtitel, zu denen es gleichlautende Musiktitel gibt von BlubberKing. Herz feiler herta Stahl. War Pigs im Stream. Jack Reacher of the galactic heroes legend - Kein Weg elfen lied. Sprachen Englisch. war pigs film

He trains a bunch of idiots so they can destroy Hitler's new super weapon. They travel behind enemy lines, and Dolph Lungren is so badass!!

A timeless tale of the Nazi army trying to build a devastating, war ending, super weapon, told in the least interesting way possible.

And if there's a duller actor than Luke Goss, I don't want to know about it. Full review, for some reason: goodefficientbutchery.

An almost pleasant walk behind enemy lines with Gunner Jensen and Marv in the shadows, chewing on a toothpick and the screen while startling himself with a laugh he just improvised.

No, literally. He is Captain of the company. The last bit is enough for me. Note this is a War film, not an Action film - those expecting standard Dolph Lundgren fare will likely be disappointed.

The movie itself doesn't look cheap, but action is way too lame and acting is Especially Dolph's fake French accent. Review by Alfonso C.

Version serie Z de doce del patibulo, con un grupo de inadaptados encargados de una mision chunga durante la II GM. Poco presupuesto y menos ideas.

Poca cosa Sometimes you just need a bit of nonsense on in the background while you get on with stuff.

Not a bad way to waste an hour and a half. The acting is good from most of the cast, except Chuck Liddell, and the action is decent enough to keep you somewhat interested.

I will be charitable and say I thought it was OK but it lacked stakes and the most of the main characters make it out alive disappointingly for a war movie.

The only scene of note is the use of a mug as weapon on a Nazi at one point. Eine dieser Wunderwaffen war die V3.

Das war eine Reichweite von ca. Die Waffe ist tatsächlich gebaut und erprobt worden. Versuchsanlagen wurden von den anglo-amerikanischen Truppen zerstört.

Wahrscheinlich ist sie im 2. Weltkrieg aber niemals zum Einsatz gekommen. Good: Cool tanks. One or two squibs looked ok.

Luke Goss is fine. That Chuck Liddell didn't have to suffer for too long. Bad: So bad, from the acting, to the script, the editing and the effects.

The "War pigs" felt like they were doing a youtube-parody of a war film more than actually acting in a war film. That Mickey Rourke didn't even bother to leave the cowboy hat at home or wear a wig to cover the pony tail is almost impressive.

Some are good, some are bad. From the deeply affecting Schindler's List to the…. Para professores e….

My main list of 3, noteworthy movies on Amazon Prime. The weird, trashy and exploitative films tucked away in the damp and decaying corners of Amazon Prime UK.

Many movies with better cast and production have mixed result, War Pigs have none the polished delivery nor the gritty nature to pull off this kind of scale.

It's simply a few men bantering for an hour and half. The subject may have been engaging, but the presentation offers barely any battle of wit or actual battle at all.

If the slow pace hasn't deterred the audience, the flimsy action would. With the leading action stars, the movie could have done at least action sequences right, instead it only produces a very amateurish effort.

The camera lacks focus and gun fight doesn't even look remotely real. It probably wouldn't help much since the cumulative action is probably only ten minutes or less.

War Pigs certainly doesn't have the depth to present cerebral war theme, it lacks the production to capitalize on the action oriented cast and it's far from authentic to appeal to military fans.

It only gives a sense of desolation and tediousness for the audience. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Dolph and his crew of misfits are actually a good fit It's one of those B-movies that have a war theme. It's not really a movie that has many mysteries about it.

Dolph has to coach a crew of people who no one else wants and from that starting point you pretty much know where this is going. There is conflict within and everything else you could expect from a movie like this.

It's decent overall if you like that kind of stuff. It's not Anti-War, it's more heroic than that. And the end suggests a couple of things, that you'll either like or hate.

This must rank as one of the worst researched and acted war movies of recent years. US soldiers disheveled and unkempt, dirty dozen-like, an absolutely absurd scenario and on top of it all, no research as to uniforms and army traditions.

Foreign Legion officers never wear or wore the kepi blanc and the character of the tooth-pick chewing long-haired US "colonel" complete with his cowboy hat is absolutely ridiculous.

The acting is terrible throughout and full of boring stereotypes. One wonders if this is meant to be a war movie or a B-movie parody.

Its not slightly shaky, its abusively shaky. Extreme close ups are gratuitous and leave the viewer without a sense of whats going on in the scene.

The dialog was one dimensional. Bottom line, it tried way too hard to be cool and comes across as amateur and insulting to history and the viewer.

I couldn't finish the film, so I can't speak for how it ends. But watching it was painful and nauseating. Its a real shame because I've been looking forward to its release for a while.

I really wanted to like this movie. But at the end of the day, its produced so poorly that its rendered unwatchable. When producers realize that movies are about telling a story, in this case history, instead of trying to be cool, they'll stop getting overall failing grades at IMDb.

Investors are throwing away their money. Three stars is too much for this movie. Boring, boring, boring from the very beginning to the very end.

Not realistic at all. Very bad acting and unappealing script. You would expect at least something from big names like Mickey Rourke and Dolph Lundgren but there is nothing.

They are not convincing what is even worse they all seem like a band of amateurs. None of the acting is anything more than high-school level.

If you expect any action in this war movie than it is almost nothing maybe ten minutes at all. You could definitely spend your time in a much better way than watching this movie!

It is really just a waste of time! A travesty of a war movie! Let's face it - this movie is terrible. The pace is pretty slow and the story is obvious.

Also I hadn't realized how messed up Mickey Rourke's face has gotten. But this movie is fully aware of what it is.

Dolph Lundgren with a French accent? Even he finds it funny in his acting. If you put aside your armchair IMDb film critic career and suspend your disbelief - this is not that bad a watch - along the lines of Dirty Dozen, or even Inglorious Basterds okay it's no Tarantino movie but hey, in spirit I actually enjoyed the movie as it went on.

Also aside from some of the post production battle elements, they do a good job of using language, uniforms and some WWII era vehicles to lend a superficial air of authenticity.

But hey, don't listen to me or anyone else - watch it for yourself. Dolph speaking with a French accent is worth it alone.

Concerning spoilers, I will only describe one small part of a scene at the end of the movie, which does not give away any of the storyline whatsoever to help describe one of the many flaws with this movie.

The bad: 1 The explosions were unrealistic and often seemed to be computer generated. When will SFX guys ever simply go out to a real military range and simply video record actual hand grenade explosions and HE rounds from tanks?

Come on, guys The uniforms, helmets, weapons and dog tags were wrong for the WWII era. Example: the dog tags in the movie were the more recent variety, of a rectangular shape, and obviously made from aluminum.

Also, at the end of the movie, we see the Lt. All soldiers were instructed to put ONE dog tag in their boot back then, which would have stayed with the body for identification purposes.

The M1A1 Thompson automatic machine gun depicted in this movie was a later variety not manufactured in sufficient quantities nor used in WWII in France.

It wouldn't have made it to the European theater of operation in time to be utilized for this fictional military action. The big giveaway is the charging handle on the M1A1 in this movie is on the right side of the weapon, whereas, on the earlier MA1 and the later version M1 it is on the top of the weapon above the receiver.

As for the uniforms, the American helmets were wrong, some of the patches and insignia were wrong, and even some of the German uniforms were wrong.

Too numerous to specify individual scenes, but holy cow! Somebody didn't research those aspects properly or the budget was so ridiculously low that the technical adviser didn't know and didn't care to get it right.

Don't even get me started on Mickey Rourke's very long hair, funky straw hat and sunglasses NOT from that era. Suffice it to say it would never have happened, regardless of how big a hero and how many medals he had previously accumulated.

Stiff, forced, unnatural dialog that would never have happened in real life. Come on, writers, you couldn't watch interviews on the History channel with actual WWII vets or what?

As for the plot, it was a worn-out, tired retread of numerous other, far better movies such as The Dirty Dozen and Saints and Soldiers.

The plot was completely lame, predictable and simply boring as hell to watch. It doesn't always have to be about bombs and bullets, but for Pete's sake, give us something to keep us from falling to sleep.

The Good: There was nothing good nor redeeming about this movie. It is a complete waste of time, and is painful to watch. You literally couldn't even pay me to watch it again, ever.

Not for any amount of money. You will at least be satisfied with professional screenwriters at the top of their game, and excellent casts that really know how to act.

Having lived through those trying times, I can relate. I felt that, overall, this film was pretty accurate in the way the characters looked, dressed and acted.

My wife criticized the constant smoking, but I told her that's what men did in those days, especially when the cigarettes were free.

In those days, even foul-mouthed tough guys seldom muttered the word "fuck" or "fucking". Mickey Rourke was the only guy in the film who did that a few times, but being Mickey Rourke, I guess he can get away with that.

However, his use of "disrespect" was unforgivable. I'm not sure when that popular word came into use but it sure wasn't back in the '40s or '50s, etc.

More like the '90s, and more like gang talk, not military jargon. Of course, as with any film, there have to be contrivances to make things work, and that's okay.

Here, a group of misfits dubbed the War Pigs think half a Dirty Dozen are sent in on a mission to destroy the infamous V3 cannon.

In reality, there were several and I really don't believe any were actually destroyed by allied armies. Rather, the Normandy invasion caused the Nazis to remove a couple, others were dismantled as encroaching allied troops caused the Nazis to break the guns down themselves to avoid having them captured by the Allies.

But these guys did a pretty good job and held their own. Overall I enjoyed this a lot more than many war stories since it wasn't filled with as much blood and guts as are so many.

It focused more on the men's training, their actual mission and their relationships. I would swear however, than when the leader of the mission was chosen, he was a captain.

Two minutes later and up until the end of the film he was a lieutenant. Maybe I missed something. Someone else complained about Dolph Lundgren's French accent.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good war flick. I'm not normally a war movie lover. I never saw Inglorious, etc. Action-filled movie set at end WWII , it follows the reckless adventures of a valiant platoon , some courageous soldiers during WWII in France to locate a giant tank gun.

In September , they stood at the heavily defended German border , ready to launch an all-out assault.

But for the US Infantry , each day was about a simple staying alive. That's why the brave army lieutenant takes offbeat soldiers on his next , on a dangerous mission to explode a German-built cannon before it's used against the Allied forces that could have changed the course of WWII.

Nothing's ever easy. Victory is the only option. Luke Goss assumes the character of commando leader of a rag-tag unit in this ordinary wartime movie middlingly directed by Ryan Little.

This is a regularly conceived WWII with action filled , brief studio character , drama and exciting battles , but nothing special.

Medium budget European war film that packs frantic thrills , perilous adventures , relentless feats , and buck-loads of explosive action and violence.

The noisy action is uniformly well-made , especially deserving of mention the rip-roaring final scenes in which the motley group is really besieged , including some spectacular shootouts and bombing.

The first half of the film allows the colorful cast of character actors to have their fun as they get their tails whipped into shape and develop shaky relationship with their leader , as the two-fisted Lieutenant must train, lead and earn the respect of his new squad to become a functioning reconnaissance unit.

The final part is all action , as the brave commando wreak havoc , exterminating Nazis by any means necessary and then run for their lives.

Apart from the values of team spirit , cudgeled by Luke Goss into his misfit group , the film is full of feats , suspense , and thrills.

Luke Goss gives an acceptable acting as a disgraced World War 2 Army Lieutenant called Jack Wosick who is given the opportunity for redemption when asked to lead a rag-tag unit of misfits.

He along with Dolph Lundgren dominate this adventure war with only one thirst : to carry out the nail-biting as well as puzzling mission.

It tells the dramatic story of a bunch of Allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines and to execute their mission. It has action , crossfire , thrills , warfare feats and dramatic situations.

This is a war movie in which predominates the stories and situations of the protagonists on the war itself made , so although there are moments of action and struggle there are also thought-provoking events about the worried lieutenant who feels guilty of death a friend.

The story is a typical strategic military adventure where they have to complete an assignment , which is used to move the story filled with interesting ideas and thoughtful dialogues.

The good thing is its ambiance and photography, with excellent landscapes and dense atmospheres of war and violence. The motion picture was regularly directed by Ryan Little.

Decent film weapons and equipment accurate etc, it's no saving private Ryan but entertaining enough I quite enjoyed it.

If your looking for a fast paced war film then this isn't it. The action lacks any urgency and the characters fail to engage.

If the film had some historical merit or a good atmosphere then that would have helped. From Dolph Lundgren's attempt at a dodgy French accent one might even think it is a comedy.

But losing one and a half hours of your life to this dross is no laughing matter. I expect better from Luke Goss who has impressed in other productions, it's a shame he has not made more of his career than this.

I think it's safe to say that Ryan Little has established himself firmly as the worst director of World War II films of the 21st century.

One might think that even as bad as the second and third Saints and Soldiers films were, that he would somehow improve with time and experience, but he stubbornly refuses to do so.

Here's the plot of the film: The Germans have designed a long-range gun that has the capability of shelling "Paris, or even London.

If London is a potential target as well, then this gun would have a range of at least miles. The War Pigs are ordered on a recon mission to determine whether the gun exists.

The gun is out in the open, and the film shows a flight of American fighter planes in the area, which would have easily spotted the gun, so why the men are required to look for it is a mystery.

In "The Guns of Navarone" the guns were at least hidden from view from the air. The stupidity begins with a squad of st Airborne Division troopers being led by Captain Jack Wosick Luke Goss, sporting a goatee the whole movie on a mission in a French or German forest.

For those that don't know, a captain commands a company, which was men in s Airborne divisions. A squad 12 men was commanded by a staff sergeant.

This squad does indeed have a staff sergeant, as second-in-command, in the person of former UFC fighter and champion?

Chuck Liddell, sporting his trademark horseshoe mustache, which wasn't in style until, I believe, the late s, and would NEVER be allowed in the Army in any decade.

Jack had misunderstood his orders and leads his squad into an ambush by six German soldiers with an MG He kills the Germans, but not before they annihilate everyone in his squad except him.

As a result, he is demoted, because in WWII orders were never misunderstood and officers never got a lot of men killed in a single firefight.

Okay, except for the "demoted" part, that last sentence was entirely sarcastic. You need to understand that this particular group of st Airborne soldiers were all wearing regular infantry uniforms with M jackets or M; I can't tell the difference yet , instead of the distinctive uniforms that paratroopers wore to show off their elite status.

Therefore, they were either not really airborne troops, or they were just not very good airborne troops.

The film never mentions which. Ryan Little seems hellbent to prove to the world that he has no idea what U.

Army uniforms were worn in the s, or how people in general dressed or groomed themselves at all during that decade, or he just doesn't give a rat's rear-end.

Case in point: Mickey Rourke as an Army colonel. That's a ridiculous premise from the get-go, but when he is sporting his ubiquitous long, uncombed hair hanging down past his jawline from underneath a beat-up white cowboy hat, along with what looks like a combination of pajamas and parts of an unbuttoned period Army jacket, one has to wonder if the film had any direction at all.

Maybe it was a matter of Little being intimidated by finally directing a couple of former Hollywood A-List actors and he didn't want to ask Rourke to at least comb his hair.

As part of his demotion, 1st Lt.

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