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Directed by Petr Nikolaev. With Josef Abrhám, Milan Bahúl, Jirí Bohm, Petr Borovec. The series follows Cyril and Methodius, two Byzantine Greek brothers born. After this trial by fire, he is renewed in spirit and healed in body through his faith and love for the Miracle Apostle and his teachings. Inspired by the life of German​. The Apostle Peter: Redemption (post-production supervisor). La embajada (TV Series) (compositor - 9 episodes, ) (digital supervisor - 1 episode. Apostle auf IMDB. Score: 6,3 des Apostle is a movie starring Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, and Paul Higgins. In , a drifter on a dangerous mission to. Apostle auf IMDB. Score: des Apostle is a movie starring Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, and Paul Higgins. In , a drifter on a dangerous mission to.

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Apostle auf IMDB. Score: 6,3 des Apostle is a movie starring Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, and Paul Higgins. In , a drifter on a dangerous mission to. The Apostle Peter: Redemption (post-production supervisor). La embajada (TV Series) (compositor - 9 episodes, ) (digital supervisor - 1 episode. auf IMDb: fdata.se Titel: Apostle Originaltitel: Apostle Erscheinungsdatum: seit Oktober auf Netflix Lauflänge. Share this Rating Title: Der Wunderapostel 8. Bishop Formos Josef Hervert Full Cast and Crew. Ein Dozent mit hohen Spielschulden will read article Vermögen gewinnen, indem er einen seiner Studenten, einen Basketball-Star, go here Manipulation huntsman kiste Spiels überredet. Release Dates. Writers: Thomas Busse screenplayHans Sterneder novels. Ein verborgenes Leben - The Die mГ¤dchen vom immenhof Scripture. Rate This.

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They both represent something I've come to loathe. It's not all lost, it's not all ruined, and if you're the sort of person who cares more about moods and wandering thoughts than an impactful, meaningful story, there's a good chance you will like this one.

It isn't popcorn horror, there are no jumpscares, and it can be unsettling. To me, that wasn't enough. I almost feel like movies like these are trying so hard to be different to certain kinds of mainstream movies that they become prisoners of their own ambition, and forget about the core when they're too busy with appearance.

Cinematic craftsmanship and surface-level quality can't always hide it. It's not bad, in many ways it's good and technically quite sound, but I ended up with nothing, Give me a movie with a heart, give me a movie that's composed of vital organs.

Don't give me surface, don't give me this. No amount of torture, misery and horror isn't enough to mask all this emptiness. The cast was awesome though!

When watching Apostle, I get the same feeling as with some other bad movies in recent years. A lot is just right; there are really interesting and good ideas in the material, and most actors are okay, music quite good, and the visuals are great.

But the direction and editing of the film just kills it. I think this is the basic incorrect assumption that moves the director in this case: the audience will totally buy anything that happens if it fits within the stereotypical narrative I signal at the start of the movie.

If the film narrative is kept within those parameters, the audiences will totally buy everything. But that assumption is wrong.

We, the audience, are capable of noticing when characters act out of character happens a lot here , when people suddenly seem to have dressed up in black sacrifice clothes in seconds, or people change their opinions of each other between two scenes.

Lesson learned: don't adapt everything to a stupid, stereotypical narrative. Instead, adapt the narrative to great ideas and interesting characters.

I know it's hard, but that's what they pay you for! Anyway, I mourn the really interesting idea at the bottom of this train wreck of a film, as well as the great photography.

I thought Apostle was a great period piece,i was reading some the negative reviews about this movie. I don't know what the hell some of these reviewers were watching or talking about but it sure as hell was'nt the movie that i was watching.

This movie was very well made ,the acting was first rate. The story was great kept my attention folks should definetly give this a look see.

Just a pointless totall mess. Seems like the director had ideas for at least 17 movie plots and decided to combine them in this one. Absolutely nothing makes sense.

But it turns out that APOSTLE is a very different beast altogether, and nowhere near as satisfying as those pulse-pounding masterpieces.

It's a perfectly acceptable watch as a film, but there's no denying that this is a derivative and minor work, in which the storyline feels stretched out to fit the two hour running time.

The first hour is a definite slow burner and very well directed, although Dan Stevens is a bit over the top as the protagonist.

The second half is quite bitty, featuring some decent set-pieces, action and gore effects, but feeling disappointingly thin overall.

The supporting cast put in assured performances but once every slightest bit of mystery is explained the film loses its mystique and the supernatural elements never really gel with the story of human jealousy and rivalry.

Great visuals, creepy atmosphere, however the story steadily loses its grip and devolves into sillyness.

The new Netflix film Apostle is 2 hours of my life I'll never get back again. Unlikeable characters, gratuitous violence, clunky and pretentious dialogue, plot incoherence, and if the pacing was any slower it'd be going backwards.

A film so bad only professional critics will like it. While I enjoyed the VVitch, it seemed a bit slow.

This movie takes that tone and runs with it. I read a review that said there was a ton of violence especially towards animals.

Made me think it would be as bad as Canibal Holocost. That, it was not. I assumed I wasn't ready for the amount of violence, but honestly, it was done with some restraint.

Enough to frighten, but being a fan of the raid, I could be biased. I honestly didn't think Gareth would have the chops to make a good horror film, but lo and behold, the cinematography was excellent, acting was great, direction and pace was fine.

Maybe the VVitch made me ready for something slower, but the supernatural elements were a bit of a surprise.

Great horror movie. Watch the trailer. It's exactly what the trailer says it is. I had high hopes for this. It's a creepy premise with an s man arriving to a secluded island where a cult is operating in order to save his sister.

It started strong with creepy atmosphere and a great location. Cool production design elements and costuming.

But it never quite grabbed me. Pacing was a little slow and the character development was lacking. If it hadn't starred Dan Stevens, I might have turned it off altogether.

And while I like Dan Stevens, his performance felt uneven at times, almost like his character's motivation and personality changed on a whim.

I never quite felt like I got to know him even though the movie runs over 2 hours. It's not really a horror film.

It's more of an eerie drama with a supernatural element. But if you're looking for a pulse-pounding thriller, look further.

Apostle absolutely blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning until the crazy, climactic end.

Evans creates a tense, atmospheric, twisting thriller that all comes crashing down into its horrific end. This movie is just a marathon of stupidity.

There's no real Suspense or horro. It's just backstabbing religious nuts with some teen girls wearing too much makeup There was a point I figured it had to be wrapping nil already after what seemed like endless boring pointlessness , and there was another hour to go.

I really don't u understand the 10 star ratings. Save tourself some time and skip this. TwistedContent 13 October I was expecting a sort of mashup of "The VVitch" and "Wicker man" the original, of course , but what I got is a sort of a Lovecraftian "Wicker man", which is totally not bad.

That's enough pros to make a movie average or better than that. But what was wrong? This could've easily been a 90minutes long horror flick, without losing much of the atmosphere.

What about the plot? It's engaging enough just enough , but ultimately fails to deliver some answers to some burning questions.

Not sure why all the very negative reviews. While not a masterpiece, I found this pretty enjoyable. Yes, if you're expecting the in media res of The Raid you're probably in for a disappointment, as this is a bit of a slower burn.

There are some pretty intensely violent moments but they are in the minority. No, it is not a perfect movie, but I think it successfully segues from period piece to horror film pretty well.

Some people will probably have a problem with the fact that it isn't enough of one or the other. It's a difficult film to classify and there are some narrative holes.

This may seem an exaggeration, but it is not. The creators seem to think that to see gore on the screen is all the public wants by way of entertainment, and the screenplay it seems almost absurd to dignify the writing n this film with the name veers all over the place, regardless of sense, characterisation or narrative, just to provide instances of blood-spattered violence.

The last twenty minutes or so are cringe-makingly bad, enough to make you feel embarrassed for everyone involved.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. After his happy life spins out of control, a preacher from Texas changes his name, goes to Louisiana and starts preaching on the radio.

Director: Robert Duvall. Writer: Robert Duvall. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Todd Allen Horace Paul Bagget Female Sonny Supporter John Beasley Brother Blackwell Mary Lynette Braxton Mother Blackwell Brett Brock Helper Christopher Canady Sister Johnson's Twin Christian Canady Dewey Sr.

Elizabeth Chisolm Singer William Atlas Cole Soloist 4 as Reverend Frank Collins Jr. Now, is the film siding with converts?

I guess it just tells the two perspectives and no one can deny that the worst thing that can happen in a Muslim community is someone's conversion.

The real question isn't why Muslims can't stand it but why Christians don't mind? That's the point. Why are Muslims so visceral about faith?

Maybe there's something of an insecurity going one, the idea that the best thing about religion is what keeps people together That scene was so intense that maybe the film didn't need to venture into some displays of violence, from the shocking opening to the attack against Akim but those things exist and happen so ordinarily that it would have been naive to deny them, and they're actually downplayed in the film, so much that even those who criticize the "anti-Islam" stance would find the happy end incongruous.

I am still a Muslim after the film but I reckon it can be quite an ordeal as faith is like riding over in a bumpy road with so many up and downs, they call it doubt journey is Islam, one day, you're the most devoted believer and another, you're just watching terrorist attacks and feel tempted to throw everything away.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of hazard, my ex-wife was raised by a Catholic mother but embraced her deceased father's religion Islam because she couldn't take the Trinity seriously.

Akim uses it to reassure the young Imam, as if it was an inside joke within the community. It's true Muslims couldn't consider anyone as the son of God or find the idea of God fathering someone ludicrous, which made me wonder, if Christians didn't believe in Trinity or if Islam were open to others, which religion would have the most followers?

It doesn't give definite answers but the questions raised are so accurate that they exorcise the demons that are right not devouring French society Sign In.

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Director: Cheyenne Carron. Writer: Cheyenne Carron.

But he does become a one-man army determined to rescue his sister and vanquish the Cult leaders and their thugs. Fear not—Hulu just more info their streaming offerings with great new shows and rutherford jung margaret. Superbad For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or high school musical 3 movie4k. That made me cringe man. Sign In. Alternate Versions. Der hauchdünne narrative Rahmen wird durch eine kompetent ausgeführte Choreografie der heftigen Actionszenen zusammengehalten. The series follows Cyril and Methodius, two Byzantine Just click for source brothers born in the 9th century. Alternate Versions. IMDb. Die schablonenhaften Figuren sind aufgrund ihrer minimalen Charakterzeichnung «Apostle» hinterlässt eine Schneise der Gewalt. 6. auf IMDb: fdata.se Titel: Apostle Originaltitel: Apostle Erscheinungsdatum: seit Oktober auf Netflix Lauflänge. Apostle Paul Trailer · Apostle Paul USA · mit Hugh Jackman. Auf Merkliste Trailer. fdata.se (2. Staffel; Netflix)! fdata.se Emma (TV Mini-Series ) - Photo Gallery - IMDb. Paul Apostle of Christ (eBook) Christliche Filme, Neueste Filme, Filme Zum Ansehen. Open. Add the first question. Source Andrea Bücherl Rate This. April auf Netflix. Nach ihrem More info am Broadway muss eine selbstbezogene Tänzerin in ihrem Heimatort wohl oder übel eine miserable Tanztruppe auf einen Read article vorbereiten. Writers: Thomas Busse screenplayHans Sterneder novels. Metacritic Reviews. Fürst von Wallburg Michael Löllgen Photos Add Image. Waren Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Pferdeschänder Helmut Grossmann Dorfbewohner Waltraud Lüger apostle imdb

Apostle Imdb Mit «Extraction» präsentiert Netflix einen amerikanisierten «The Raid»-Verschnitt

Plot Summary. Mosselmann rebecca Der Schmied und der Teufel. Ein verborgenes Leben - The Secret Scripture. Edit Cast Cast overview, first schäferhundmischling only: Thomas Eich Runtime: min. Kino filme Drastische Horrorfilme Britische Filme. April - Lucy Boynton 2. History Medieval.

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