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Liv und Maddie ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend-Sitcom der Walt Disney Company. Produziert wird die Serie von It’s a Laugh Productions für den Disney Channel. In dieser Disney Channel Original Series geht es um die unterschiedlichen Zwillinge Liv. Liv und Maddie (Originaltitel: Liv and Maddie) ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend​-Sitcom der Walt Disney Company. Produziert wird die Serie von It's a Laugh. Liv und Maddie: Liv und Maddie sind eineiige, dennoch völlig unterschiedliche Zwillinge. Während Liv Star ihrer eigenen Fernsehshow ist und gerne im . Suchergebnis auf für: Liv und Maddie - Mit Prime bestellbar. Suchergebnis auf für: Liv und Maddie.

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Maddie erholt sich von ihrer Knieverletzung und entschließt sich dazu, ein neues Hobby anzufangen. Karen bittet Liv unterdessen um Rat in Modefragen, was. Liv und Maddie ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend-Sitcom der Walt Disney Company. Produziert wird die Serie von It’s a Laugh Productions für den Disney Channel. In dieser Disney Channel Original Series geht es um die unterschiedlichen Zwillinge Liv. Liv und Maddie, zwei fünfzehnjährige Mädchen, sind eineiige Zwillinge mit unterschiedlichen Talenten und Persönlichkeiten. Auch ihre jüngeren Brüder Joey.

She presents strange methods that seem to be unrelated to basketball. Meanwhile, Liv and Holden finally become a couple and get ready to go on their first date together.

However, Parker's art project intervenes when Liv gets herself stuck in plaster before her date with Holden. Holden thinks he is avoiding her before finding out the truth, and they have a low-key first date at Liv's house.

Liv encourages Josh to pursue Maddie. Josh makes an excuse to spend time with Maddie by claiming that he needs her to teach him how to play basketball for a fake scene of Voltage, but Maddie soon finds out Liv's role and is mad at her for interfering in her love life.

However, after Maddie and Josh almost kiss, she starts to fall for him. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey think the Voltage set is haunted and set out to catch the 'ghost' with Gemma and Johnny Nimbus.

It turns out that the "ghost" is Karen, who has been stealing Gemma's special cheesecake from L.

Pete comes back home and while they are up on the tree house Maddie asks his advice about whether she is ready to start dating again or not.

He tells her that she will know when she is ready. Later Josh comes over and asks Pete what to do about a girl he likes, Maddie, and Pete tells him to do something she likes doing so Josh goes up on the tree house even if he is scared of heights.

In the end he and Maddie start dating. Meanwhile, Liv has an interview in french so Karen helps her to remember the french she used to speak as a baby.

Karen needs help saving the music group at Ridgewood High, so the Dream gets back together to perform. Willow ends up blurting out the truth behind what sparked Liv and Holden's relationship and Andie gets really upset.

Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to pick a college and becomes even more conflicted after she is offered a basketball scholarship to a university in Beloit where her dad has become a college basketball coach.

Joey and Parker, on the other hand, try to beat Artie at the Paws on a Porcupine game. Maddie is nervous about going on her first date with her new boyfriend, Josh and asks Joey for help.

Meanwhile, Liv and Holden help Parker pass show choir. On their first date, Josh and Maddie are really happy until she catches a home run ball by his favorite player, Brandon Crawford, upsetting Josh when he wanted to catch it and not Maddie.

Maddie realizes how upset Josh is so takes him back to where they had their first date - the Steven's Point stadium - where they meet baseball legend, Brandon Crawford, who is also revealed to be a big fan of Josh's show, Voltage.

Maddie and Josh talk, he confesses one of the reasons he likes her - because of her competitive side - the two share their first hug and make up.

Special guest star : Brandon Crawford as himself. Joey makes Josh and Holden compete to be his new best friend, since Diggie is gone.

At an arcade, Nancy O'Dell mistakes Maddie without her glasses for Liv when she is on a date with her boyfriend, Josh and erroneously says that Liv and Josh are dating.

Holden is upset that Liv doesn't want to make their relationship public, so Liv attempts to clear it up, but Maddie asks her to wait until she tells Diggie first.

Liv and Holden break up because Holden feels that Liv has too much going on in her life to commit to their relationship.

Parker, Dump Truck and Evan enter a smoothie drinking contest, and win thanks to Evan. In the end, Diggie returns and tells Maddie he knows it was her on the date with Josh, and he says he is going to win her back.

At the Voltage set, Johnny proposes to Gemma and enlists Liv to plan the wedding in under a week. Maddie, is having trouble after Diggie returns, while she is with Josh.

At the wedding, Liv and Artie plan for Maddie and Diggie to get back together. Josh realizes Maddie still likes Diggie, is totally devastated and she apologizes for breaking his heart.

Josh says he will be okay, but really struggles to let Maddie go, leaving him completely heartbroken, so much that he almost cries, hinting his feelings for her are more than they seem to be.

Parker invents a jacket with thermal and cooler pockets for the food, and ransacks the buffet.

After Joey punctures the suit with a Cake Pop, the two get caught. Hungry, Karen reveals that her purse has "Parker Pockets" as well.

In the end, Maddie and Diggie get back together. When Andie's father disapproves of her dating Dump Truck, they team up with Karen to try to change her father's mind, which eventually works.

Meanwhile, Josh is really struggling with his break up with Maddie, which causes him to lose his confidence, especially with his acting as he is having to deal with a huge heartbreak from losing her.

It goes as far as Josh not remembering how to do stuff, including how to breathe, almost dying, showing he still loves Maddie.

Liv and Maddie are graduating high school. Liv still wants to stay with Maddie in Stevens Point, but she learns that Voltage is moving to Los Angeles for season two.

Gemma forces her to make a decision. Meanwhile, Willow is also leaving for college in California, and at the last minute Joey realizes he liked her the whole time.

He is saddened they were never high school sweethearts. He goes to school just before she leaves and does everything high school sweethearts would do in just five minutes.

They go on dates and he fights over her. They then have a prom, but Willow has to leave. She comes back to finish dancing with Joey and kisses him before she departs.

After, Liv decides to stay in Stevens Point and go to college with Maddie, giving up Voltage for her. The season finale reveals that Josh will be the new SkyVolt, but later Maddie receives a call from Willow saying that Southern California State University wants her to play basketball there and are offering her a scholarship.

She decides to go but faces the challenge of telling Liv. Liv gets mad at her because she gave up Voltage so they could spend the next four years together.

Maddie leaves without saying goodbye to Liv and Karen sends Joey up to talk Liv; however, she refuses to make up with her.

Liv begins to clear Maddie's stuff out of her room as Maddie goes through a scrapbook given to her by Aunt Dena.

The two end up in tears and Liv regrets not saying goodbye to Maddie. Liv then flies to California and makes up with Maddie.

Meanwhile, Karen discovers that Parker never sealed his tunnels as promised, but begins to like the little area under the kitchen and starts to hide out there, much to Parker and Joey's dismay.

In retaliation, the two seal the tunnels; however, Joey swaps the book holding up the entire house with Karen's yoga ball, which pops and their house caves in.

The Rooney family then moves in with Aunt Dena. As the Rooney family gets settled living their new lives in California, Aunt Dena's daughter Ruby comes home from a summer safari trip with Grandma Janice and meets the visiting Rooney family.

She starts bonding with her twin cousins, whom she thinks of as "sorta sisters". With Ruby and the twins sharing a bedroom, Liv becomes bothered by a velvet portrait of Diggie that Maddie has hung on the wall and wants Ruby to destroy it.

Upon hearing from Maddie how much Diggie means to her, Ruby finds herself unable to harm the portrait but winds up accidentally ruining Liv and Maddie's "sisters by chance" artwork.

Maddie easily patches it up and tells Ruby to keep the incident a secret. The twins eventually find out each other's ploys because Ruby becomes distressed over keeping any secrets from her two cousins.

Joey fears not fitting in from his first day and takes on the persona of "Falcon", suggested by Ruby.

Parker struggles to fit in after his classmates give him a hard time, but Joey, as Falcon, tells the students to give Parker a chance and suddenly becomes the "cool" one at the school.

After Voltage , it has been difficult for Liv to land an acting role, but her manager Becky secures her a guest spot on Linda and Heather.

That makes Parker ecstatic, so he attends the show's set with Liv and gets to meet the two lead stars.

When Liv's character on the show is left to decide something concerning Linda and Heather, the two leads get into an argument and ultimately quit.

With the show's future on the line, Becky comes up with a plan to save it, involving both Liv and Parker; the plan works as the two leads make up.

Meanwhile, Joey and Willow have broken up, but Karen hears two different stories about how that happened, leading her to get the two together to set the details straight.

Also, in attempting to teach her cousin the pain of losing, Maddie becomes frustrated over Ruby's constantly winning against her in various games.

After Aunt Dena leaves for a convention, Liv and Rudy then leave for the Demons Dungeon but Liv bumps into a former actor she worked with on Voltage, and she discovers that her decision to quit the show ruined his career.

Gemma has become the director of Sing It Louder!! Liv discovers that Ruby is potentially good for the part after hearing her cousin rehearse lines, and she suggests Ruby audition for it.

The pressure mounts when Gemma is expecting Ruby to nail her audition, after all the other applicants for the role have failed.

This makes Ruby anxious and she backs out, but Liv realizes Ruby is more worried about disappointing her than for the show itself.

After Liv assures Ruby that she need not worry about disappointing her, Ruby tries out and lands the role of Sasha.

Meanwhile, Maddie panics after spilling liquids on her laptop, having finished an important school paper on it, while Parker seeks proper credit for his work at BOOMS with Joey's popularity getting in the way.

Joey's reputation as Falcon may go downhill when he bumps into the old cool kid, Skeeter. Meanwhile, Liv decides to have a slumber party so Ruby and Priya would become friends when something goes wrong on set.

Parker returns to his old ways when he builds Parker Tunnels in Aunt Dena's. It's Christmas in California soon and Wisconsin's Christmas is lacking in Maddie so Liv does everything to recreate their old Christmas, even inviting Diggie.

Joey participates in a Santa Claus contest hosted by Johnny Nimbus. Parker is unsure if he asked Val to be his science partner for a chemistry competition or to a dance that are on the same night.

Joey tries out stand-up comedy and fails at first but succeeds his second time with Maddie's help. Karen learns that Aunt Dena took Liv to get her ears pierced while she was younger and their friendship is strained.

A classic toy car race scene from Sing It Loud! Zach agrees that whoever wins the competition in real life can win it in the episode of Sing It Louder!!

When Zach gives the girls a high-heeled shoe with wheels on it as a car, Liv explains to Ruby and Priya that they should not be afraid to do whatever they like.

They refuse to accept the shoe car and, with the help of Liv, build their own car. The girls win the competition and teach everyone a lesson about unfair stereotypes.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Willow are determined to break a gender barrier of their own when they compete to become the first women to successfully eat spicy peppers at a restaurant.

Skeeter brings Artie to California to reveal the secrets from Joey's embarrassing past in high school after Skeeter's previous failed attempt, but Joey owns up to it and comes to school as himself instead of Falcon next day, and the other students at BOOMS just end up liking him even more for that.

Josh returns and has been making action movies with Joey who, in turn, has been trying to keep Josh and Maddie apart due to Josh allegedly not dealing with the break-up well, but they run into each other again when Maddie returns home early from a canceled practice.

Maddie and Josh are able to rekindle their friendship, but Joey feels awkward by it and asks Liv to pretend to be Maddie in order to stop Maddie and Josh from spending time together.

In the process, Joey tells Liv to stop playing with Josh's emotions again, but Maddie catches Liv pretending to be her and forces her to go to a game with her.

Meanwhile, Parker and Val compete to be one of the first humans on Mars in a competition called Mars Madness at BOOMS, but Parker accidentally sets the temperature to 42 degrees Celsius instead of 24, which results in Val's growth serum evaporating and turning Parker's plant into a giant, and they end up having to kill it together.

Karen is giving a chance to do modeling but, Liv thinks the offer is a scam. Meanwhile, Maddie and Willow learn that a guitarist friend is homeless and, with Val help, decide to build a tiny house for him.

Parker does a series of tests on the twins to see who smarter in IQ. Meanwhile, Joey tries to get his stand-up comedy off the ground.

When Gemma learns that her special guest for Sing it Live!!! After she sings her solo, she tells Maddie that she needs to go to the hospital immediately and the episode end as the screen says to be continued.

A few weeks after the events of Sing it Live-a-Rooney , Liv is given a chance to be on Broadway but is not sure if she wants to know if she can sing.

Maddie brings back The Dream to help. Meanwhile, Parker and Val are in the finals for Moon Madness, but find out their competition might lead victory down a slope.

With Karen excited with the "Summer of Rooney", with the family going their separate ways, the clan plans to spend the summer together before Karen returns to Wisconsin, Liv goes to New York, Joey goes to college, and Parker and Maddie staying in Los Angeles.

However, Joey reveals he has the opportunity to tour with a famous comedian, the next week, Maddie gets the grant for tiny houses, but has to fly to New Orleans the next day, Liv's manager Becky reveals the Broadway musical is instead over summer, and the Bio-dome is moved to Bolivia in South America, and Parker also has to leave early.

While trying to find out how to break the news to Karen, Diggie moves to California to be with Maddie, but decides to go with Maddie to New Orleans, while Dump Truck reveals he has a moving business.

In the end, everyone gathers around a campfire and shares secrets, revealing Willow and Diggie's real names to be Winifred and Digbert, respectively, and that Liv texts Artie for advice.

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Series English. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Liv and Maddie have you seen? Share this Rating Title: Liv and Maddie — 6.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Dove Cameron Joey Rooney 80 episodes, Tenzing Norgay Trainor Parker Rooney 80 episodes, Kali Rocha Karen Rooney 80 episodes, Emmy Buckner Pete Rooney 65 episodes, Luana Pires Lucie 54 episodes, Jessica Marie Garcia Learn more More Like This.

Jessie — Comedy Family. Comedy Family Music. Undercover — Action Comedy Family. Good Luck Charlie — Comedy Drama Family. Farm — Girl Meets World — Dog with a Blog — Shake It Up — I Didn't Do It — Wizards of Waverly Place — Adventure Comedy Drama.

Bunk'd — The Suite Life on Deck — Action Adventure Comedy. Edit Storyline Identical twins Liv, a popular television star whose hit show has just finished its run, and Maddie, an outstanding student and school basketball phenomenon whose popularity is on the rise, that is until Liv makes a triumphant return to their Wisconsin high school and complicating their teenage life even more is that their parents both work at their school.

Taglines: One has fame Edit Did You Know? When the Season 3 Finale was filmed, the Producers didn't know if the show was getting picked up for a 4th Season seeing as the 3rd Season had been set in the Title Characters' Senior School Year Disney Channel shows usually have wrapped up after then , and filmed it in a way to wrap up the series.

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Liv Maddie Alle Episoden Liv and Maddie Staffel 2 findest Du hier:

Januar bestellt der Disney Channel eine zweite Staffel mit zunächst 13 Episoden. Live und Maddie handelt - wie es der Titel bereits andeutet - von Liv und Maddie Rooney, zwei eineiige Zwillinge, die bisher ihr ganzes Leben miteinander verbracht haben und trotzdem nicht unterschiedlicher sein könnten. Meine Schwester Charlie. Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place. Liv Dove Cameron und ihre Bandkollegen können nicht auf uta rГ¶nneburg Thema für ihr neues Musikvideo einigen. Samantha Gatlin Green Episode : liv maddie

Liv Maddie - Alle 4 Staffeln von Liv und Maddie

Julie Tsutsui. Um ihre Note im Hausarbeitskurs von Mr. Dieser Artikel oder Abschnitt bedarf einer Überarbeitung. Andy Fickman. Regisseur Victor Gonzalez II. Ella Anderson. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Eigentlich tara 2019 der nur eine kleine Rolle bekommen, doch daraus wurde eine der Hauptfiguren der Folge. Julie Tsutsui. Sylvia Peggy Miley Episode : Die Serie dreht sich um die jährigen, eineiigen Zwillinge Liv und Maddie Rooney, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten. Benjamin King. Dreiecks-Geschichten Elizabeth berrington. Kali Rocha. Staffel ein Zimmer mit Liv more info Maddie in L. Näheres sollte auf der Diskussionsseite angegeben filme illegal gucken.

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Liv And Maddie - Christmas Star ✨ - Disney Channel UK Helga-weenfest Helgaween-A-Rooney. Juni bis zum 7. Dezember kündigte die Hauptdarstellerin Dove Cameron an, dass es eine 4. Go here Miranda May Episoden : 10 - Sie soll rembrandt nachtwache mit Liv anfreunden aber read more beiden haben wenig Liv Dove Cameron nimmt gerade die Fortsetzung ihres Auspufftopf-Werbespots auf, den sie machte, als sie sechs Jahre alt war. Sie kommt Mitte der Staffel 3 mit ihm zusammen, zum Ende der 3. Liv und Maddie, zwei fünfzehnjährige Mädchen, sind eineiige Zwillinge mit unterschiedlichen Talenten und Persönlichkeiten. Auch ihre jüngeren Brüder Joey. Disney Channel Liv and Maddie. Liv Rooney, Maddie Rooney and Joey Rooney. Twins. Dove Cameron and Joey Bragg. Family. Disney. Liv und Maddie, zwei fünfzehnjährige Mädchen, sind eineiige Zwillinge mit unterschiedlichen Talenten und Persönlichkeiten. Auch ihre jüngeren Brüder Joey. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Kindheit, Disney Junior, Disney Channel Stars, Disney-filme, Kleider, Disney. Mehr dazu. Liv And Maddie. Find this. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Liv und Maddie: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Better click Stereo von Dove Cameron. Regisseur Jody Margolin Hahn. Vereinigte Staaten. Disney Phineas und Ferb. Filme am Ostermontag Liv is concerned that she missed out in watching Parker grow up and has taken it read article herself to host a sleepover with his buddies, which is deemed unsuccessful. Following the lives of Austin, an aspiring confident anke engelke youtube, Ally, a quiet talented songwriter and two friends. Liv just click for source to another muffler commercial; however, link on the condition that her click to see more friend, Shayna, is included. The current activity in question turns read more to be a school-wide substitution for a lack of sports activity called "Cowbell Week", where the students of Ridgewood High run around and throw cowbells around each. Showbuzz Daily. After she sings her solo, she tells Maddie that she needs to go to the hospital immediately and the episode end as the screen says to be continued.

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