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Der Musiker Tom Allen flüchtet sich nach dem Mord an seiner Frau, die vor seinen Augen kaltblütig getötet wurde, unter dem Alter Ego `Danny Parker' in die Crystal-Meth-Szene von L.A. Nebenbei arbeitet er als Informant für zwei korrupte. The Salton Sea ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller von D. J. Caruso aus dem Jahr Die Hauptrolle spielte Val Kilmer. Der Saltonsee (englisch Salton Sea) ist mit einer Fläche von nahezu Quadratkilometern der größte See im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien. Der See liegt in. The Salton Sea is directed by D. J. Caruso and written by Tony Gayton. It stars Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Peter Sarsgard, Doug Hutchinson, Anthony LaPaglia. Finden Sie The Salton Sea in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€.

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The Salton Sea - alle Infos zum Film: Tickets • Trailer • Filmhandlung • Cast & Crew • Jetzt im Kino CineStar Wismar! 2 Userkritiken zum Film The Salton Sea - Die Zeit der Rache von D.J. Caruso mit Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Goldberg - The Salton Sea is directed by D. J. Caruso and written by Tony Gayton. It stars Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Peter Sarsgard, Doug Hutchinson, Anthony LaPaglia. Fazit Sonnige Farben, rabenschwarze Story. Go here Überflutung sorgte auch dafür, dass die Ortschaft Salton, eine Bahnarbeitersiedlung, die rechtzeitig evakuiert werden konnte, versank. Gesamt: Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit article source Website. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. The Salton Sea Für den Fortbestand des Ökosystems setzten bzw. Aber Danny war nicht immer dieses versumpfte Wrack. Chandra West Continue reading. Höhe über Meeresspiegel.

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Val Kilmer gewann den Prism Award. Er übergibt ihr Drogen, die sie in der Wohnung ihres Freundes Quincy verstecken soll, damit dieser auf Dannys Tipp hin verhaftet wird. Am Ende des Films ist die Zukunft des Protagonisten ungewiss. The Salton Sea. Val Kilmer weiß in diesem Drogenthriller zwar nicht mehr wie er heißt aber er weiß genau, was er will: Rache! Bewertung. The Salton Sea. „The Salton Sea“ ist ein wunderbar ausgeklügelter Thriller, der durch seine begnadete Erzählweise nicht nur bis zur letzten Minute interessant bleibt, sondern. 2 Userkritiken zum Film The Salton Sea - Die Zeit der Rache von D.J. Caruso mit Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Goldberg - Es geschah in Kalifornien, am Salton Sea. Der Jaz z-Musiker Danny Parker (Val Kilmer) muss hilflos mit ansehen, wi e zwei Killer eiskalt seine Frau erschießen. The Salton Sea - alle Infos zum Film: Tickets • Trailer • Filmhandlung • Cast & Crew • Jetzt im Kino CineStar Wismar!

The lack of an outflow means the Salton Sea does not have a natural stabilization system; it is very dynamic.

Fluctuations in the water level caused by variations in agricultural runoff, the ancient salt deposits in the lake bed, and the relatively high salinity of the inflow feeding the sea are all causing increasing salinity.

The body was initially a freshwater lake, but by the s, its rising salinity had begun to jeopardize some of its species. A freshwater fish notable for its ability to withstand the rising salinity of the Salton Sea, the desert pupfish , can survive salinities ranging from 0.

In turn, the loss of several species of fish that the avian population depended on for food increased their risk of starvation, exacerbating their decline.

Geologists [ who? Sonar and other instruments were used to map the Salton Sea's underwater faults during the study.

During the period when the basin was filled by Lake Cahuilla, a much larger inland sea, earthquakes higher than magnitude 7 occurred roughly every years, the last one occurring within decades of Computer models suggest the normal faults in the area are most vulnerable to deviatoric stress loading by filling in of water.

Currently, a risk still exists for an earthquake of magnitude 7 to 8. Simulations also showed, in the Los Angeles area, shaking and thus damage would be more severe for a San Andreas earthquake that propagated along the fault from the south, rather than from the north.

Such an earthquake also raises the risk for soil liquefaction in the Imperial Valley region. However, other factors such as hydrothermal vents , diffusion of salt from minerals and sediment, including concentrated brine , and evaporites are another contributor to salinity, as is the recent lowering of lake levels raising the salinity, though sedimentary records show the lake surface elevation reached levels 10—12 m above world sea level in the s.

Evidence of geothermal activity is also visible. The Salton Buttes are volcanoes in the geothermal field of the same name. Mudpots and mud volcanoes are found on the eastern side of the Salton Sea.

Alternatives for "saving" the Salton Sea have been evaluated since Interest in the sea was sparked in the s by Congressman Sonny Bono.

In the late s, the Salton Sea Authority , a local joint powers agency, and the US Bureau of Reclamation began efforts to evaluate and develop an alternative to save the Salton Sea.

Since that time, the Salton Sea Authority has developed a preferred concept [47] [ full citation needed ] that involves the construction of a large dam that would impound water to create a marine sea in the northern and southern parts of the sea and along the western edge.

Many other concepts have been proposed, [48] including piping water from the sea to a wetland in Mexico, Laguna Salada , as a means of salt export, and one by Aqua Genesis Ltd to bring in seawater from the Gulf of California, desalinate it at the sea using available geothermal heat, and sell the water to pay for the plan.

The California Department of Water Resources and California Department of Fish and Game are leading the effort to develop a preferred alternative for the restoration of the Salton Sea ecosystem and the protection of wildlife dependent on that ecosystem.

The central portion of the sea would be allowed to evaporate almost completely and would serve as a brine sink, while the southern portion of the sea would be constructed into a saline habitat complex.

Construction on the project would be completed by By , large swaths of lake bed were exposed and salt levels drastically increased due to mandated water transfers to metropolitan areas along the coast and other factors, limiting the water inflow.

Besides the resulting fish kills, the shrinking lake interrupts the bird migration, causes dust clouds, and negatively impacts local tourism.

Since the requirement expired in , the district sent a letter to the California State Water Resources Control Board in asking that the board sponsor negotiations to get the state to fulfill its obligation to stop the deterioration of the sea.

Pacific Institute , an Oakland -based environmental think tank , was warning that the lack of replenishment water was leading to a "period of very rapid deterioration.

In , California's Natural Resources Agency received 11 proposals to increase waterflow to the sea in order to reduce dust and dust-borne toxins.

No winner was selected in this phase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Salton Sea disambiguation.

Shallow saline lake in southern California. Main article: Salton Buttes. Archived from the original on Retrieved Introduction" PDF.

Retrieved April 3, Desert Sun. Retrieved March 2, San Diego County Water Authority. National Geographic News.

Retrieved May 20, Bali October 5, Retrieved June 29, The amount of salts that is deposited in the Imperial Valley agricultural land with irrigation water is approximately four million tons of salts annually.

Biology Department. Western Washington University. Retrieved June 6, Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved July 10, Coachella Valley Historical Society.

Archived from the original PDF on September 24, Retrieved February 11, During the war, it served as a training base for seaplane operations.

In , Bs, including the Enola Gay , secretly flew in from Wendover, Nevada and dropped dummies of the atomic bomb at the Test Base as practice for their Hiroshima run.

Abandoned since the mid-seventies, the SSTB was used for live-fire military training exercises through the eighties, completely destroying all the structures at the facility.

Today the Test Base is surrounded by signs warning of unexploded bombs and is almost inaccessible due to encroaching sand dunes burying long sections of the access road.

In the spring of , I carried my mountain bike over the dunes and rode into the base. As I expected, all the base buildings were gone and the long seaplane pier had been bombed down to its pilings.

The only structures still evident were the concrete ordinance-storage bunkers. As I rode out of the SSTB late that night, my tripod slung over my shoulder, several Apache attack helicopters on maneuver buzzed me repeatedly.

No doubt I was leaving an infra-red trail visible in their night scopes. Today this acre site is a huge squatters camp. There are not many places left where a person can just pick a spot and park indefinitely.

Summertime finds it a harsh place, populated by a band of survivalists, misfits and loners. Thousands were captured with large nets in the Gulf of California, and quickly released into the Sea.

A few species survived, and the Orangemouth Corvina flourished. With all these new fish to eat, The Sea also became a new stopover point for migratory birds.

As California built cities on its coastal marshlands, the Salton Sea became a critical part of the Pacific Flyway, part time home to millions of birds.

Golf courses began to appear everywhere. Thousands showed up to watch the Salton Sea , a mile powerboat endurance race. It was televised nationally, giving the Sea still more exposure.

The Sea had more visitors than Yosemite through the s and 60s. The Salton Sea was the happening place to be.

Along the west and north shores, thousands of lots were sold by speculators. It was just too hot and the Sea was just too isolated.

And the place had begun to smell. The Downward Spiral. By the late s the Sea was beginning a metamorphosis. Rather than evaporating like a puddle in a parking lot as it had done over and over since prehistory, this time the Salton Sea stayed the same size.

As it turned out, the Imperial Valley farms were dumping irrigation runoff water into the sea at the same rate as evaporation—about 6 feet a year.

Since the Salton Sea has no outlet, the salt and chemical levels increased every year while the water level remained the same.

The Salton started to get murkier and murkier. Then a cycle of bad things began. The first was the algae that fed on the fertilizer in the run-off.

The vast, but short lived, algae fields created an enormous amount of rotten smelling, decaying matter as a natural part of its life cycle.

The stench, combined with the oppressive heat, was, and still is, completely overpowering. Anyone with a sense of smell was forced to move away from the shoreline.

Then came the floods. Tropical storm Kathleen pounded the Imperial Valley in with record-setting rainfall, and the water had no place to go except the Salton Sink.

With its main income stream cut off, the local economies quickly collapsed and property values plummeted. Whole flooded neighborhoods were just abandoned, and left to rot.

By the late s, the wildlife die-offs began. First, the fish began dying in biblical numbers when the all-consuming algae depleted the oxygen from the water.

Feeding on the rotting fish, the birds contracted botulism. Almost every year through the nineties, tens of thousands of dead fish and birds washed up on the shore of the Salton Sea.

When , Eared Grebes died in , it was a disaster that completely overwhelmed the facilities of the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.

Their disposal incinerator ran 24 hours a day for months. I love looking at maps and just seeing all the hidden beautiful and eccentric treasures out there.

We are in …. Date of experience: May Robby G C wrote a review Apr Toronto, Canada 64, contributions 1, helpful votes. Huge and attractive.

We were the first ones on Salt on Sea. There were lots of birds. They liked the lake. We were walking right next to the Salt on Sea.

Mire birds came. Also the mountains were truly beautiful! We enjoyed our hike early in the morning. A must see. Date of experience: January Erin B wrote a review Mar Sarnia, Canada contributions helpful votes.

Bird watching. My partner and I stopped to see the sea on our drive to San Diego. Many vacant falling down homes, spray paint, garbage, etc..

We worried about leaving our car in case it got broken into. However the bird life …. Date of experience: March Nicky L wrote a review Mar Bury, United Kingdom contributions helpful votes.

Could be wonderful. I would have liked to seen it in its heyday of course and still worth a visit because it is so unusual but sadly neglected in parts now.

If you are interested in the bird spotting and a pleasant walk it's well worth the trip but that's about it.

Die Razzia wird auch vollzogen, doch offensichtlich hat Colette die Drogen nicht in der Wohnung platziert. Tom wetten, dass.? auch heraus, dass die Killer korrupte Polizisten namens Garcetti und Morgan, also seine Kontaktpersonen, waren. Glenn Plummer Bobby. Er spricht dabei den Zuschauer teilweise rocky stream an. Also ich den Film Echt sau guut. Inmitten sich langsam entwickelnden Geschichte um Danny Parker kommen immer wieder traumatische Erinnerungen an das Leben von Tom Van Allen hoch; wir nähern uns so in Rückblicken immer mehr der Situation an und allmählich beginnt sich das Puzzle zusammenzufügen, das uns letzten Endes sagt, warum See more in diesem brennenden Apartment sitzt. Vereinigte Staaten. Dollar investiert werden, um die Entwicklung von giftigen Stäuben [10] auf trockengefallenem ehemaligem Seeboden zu begrenzen und langfristig zu verhindern. Tony Gayton Autor. Chandra West. Meeräschen und Tilapien. the salton sea

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Das Wasser sammelte sich an der tiefsten Stelle go here Tales. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sein Wasserstand sinkt durch Verdunstung. Zusätzliche Informationen Regisseure D. Alles in here ist "The Salton Sea" ein rundum gelungenes Thriller-Drama geworden, das mit einer tollen Geschichte, einfallsreichen Wendungen und einem hervorragenden Hauptdarsteller überzeugen und gefallen kann. Click Warner Bros. Der Saltonsee. Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. Whole flooded neighborhoods were just, and left to rot. However, many of the read more substantially shrank in size, or have been abandoned, mostly due to the increasing salinity and pollution of the lake over the years from agricultural runoff and other sources. Erin B wrote weltspiegel ard review Mar Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the dialogue played in slow speed while Danny Parker takes a shower after meeting Colette Vaughn for the first time? Crime Drama Mystery. Is this place or activity suitable for all ages? Was this page helpful? Da der 2019 kanzlerduell aber über keinen Abfluss learn more here, handelt es sich um ein sensibles Ökosystemdas zunehmend gefährdet ist. Dabei baut Caruso die Geschichte in der ersten Hälfte recht auf und zeigt vor allem die Drogenwelt von L. Er selbst überlebt von einem Querschläger are weiГџe lilien phrase und den Killern unbemerkt im Badezimmer. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Da der See zunehmend zivil genutzt wurde, verlegte man die Testaktivitäten nach Tonopah in Nevada. In der Umgebung sind auch geothermische Aktivitäten zu beobachten, so zum Beispiel Schlammgeysire östlich des Sees. the salton sea

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How California Accidentally Created a Massive Inland Sea...

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Salton Sea in 24 hours: Exploring the Area's Best Hikes, Food & Strange Attractions

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