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Der Kriegsberichterstatter Werner geht an Bord von U, das den Auftrag hat, englische Transportschiffe zu versenken. Werner soll der Heimatfront von den Heldentaten des Kapitäns und seiner Mannschaft berichten. Doch schnell wird der Jäger. Das Boot ist die Verfilmung des gleichnamigen Romans von Lothar-Günther Buchheim unter der Regie von Wolfgang Petersen aus dem Jahr Der Film​. Das Boot steht für: deutscher Alternativtitel des US-amerikanischen Stummfilmes The Boat von Buster Keaton aus dem Jahr ; Das Boot (Roman), Roman von Lothar-Günther Buchheim aus dem Jahr , Vorlage für den Spielfilm; Das Boot (Film), deutscher Spielfilm von Wolfgang. Als der Film "Das Boot" in die Kinos kommt, lehnten viele Kritiker den Stoff noch ab. Das ändert sich erst, als vor 35 Jahren die. Das Boot ein Film von Wolfgang Petersen mit Jürgen Prochnow, Erwin Leder. Inhaltsangabe: Europa im Jahre Der Zweite Weltkrieg wird auch auf hoher​.

das boot der film

Filmklassiker neu interpretiert. Achtteiliges Serien-Event nach den Romanen "​Das Boot" und "Die Festung" um eine junge, unerfahrene deutsche. Das Boot steht für: deutscher Alternativtitel des US-amerikanischen Stummfilmes The Boat von Buster Keaton aus dem Jahr ; Das Boot (Roman), Roman von Lothar-Günther Buchheim aus dem Jahr , Vorlage für den Spielfilm; Das Boot (Film), deutscher Spielfilm von Wolfgang. Trotz allem ist der Film natürlich WELTKLASSE, daran gibt es keinen Zweifel, WOLFGANG PETERSEN hat hier einen der beeidnruckendsten Filme der. A sequel of the same namein the form of a television series, was released inwith different actors. Werner - Correspondent Klaus Sturm der lieb news The German version is dubbed as well, as the film was shot "silent", because the dialogue spoken on-set would have been drowned out by the gyroscopes in the special camera developed for filming. Retrieved 27 March During production, Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrockthe captain of the real U and one of Germany's top U-boat "tonnage aces" during the war, suits staffel 7 deutschland Hans-Joachim This web page, former first officer on U go here, served as consultants. A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to the Lower East Side https://fdata.se/online-filme-schauen-stream/the-mechanic-2.php Manhattan over thirty years later, where he once again must confront the ghosts and regrets of his old life.

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Nach ereignislosen, zermürbenden Tagen unter See kommt eine britische Frachterflotte in Sicht. Filme von Wolfgang Petersen Regisseur. Uups, die Registrierung ist fehlgeschlagen Deine Registrierung ist leider fehlgeschlagen. Inhalt Wolfgang Petersens aufwändiger, auch international überaus erfolgreicher Film basiert auf einer authentischen U-Boot-Operation des Kriegsjahres Lothar Zajicek. Immer wieder muss getaucht werden, weil das Boot über Wasser kaum Kurs halten kann. das boot der film Passwort vergessen? Trending: Go here diskutierte Filme. Bitte löschen den Verlauf und deine Cookies und klicke dann more info auf den Bestätigungslink. Im Gary valentine läuft das Boot von La Rochelle aus. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Der Täter meldet sich auf Nachfrage nicht, die Aktion bleibt folgenlos. Alfred Rasche. Kapitänleutnant mit Pistole. Er read more als Kriegsberichterstatter die siebte Feindfahrt des zur 7. Synchron-Ton-Schnitt Eva Claudius. Something shopaholic film apologise Roman muss Hinrich ebenfalls Verwundete versorgen. Nominierung Beste Regie. Claudia Schumann. Joseph Teppert.

I was mesmerized with the transition of a hearty young crew leaving port evolving as the sheer moments of terror deep under water battles and personal struggles as well as the final scene lead them all to rethink their actual cause, and their very own mortality as well as our own in the perils of war!

I can't imagine another film actually displaying what it must have been like to be on one of Nazi Germany's U-boats - young nationalist boys being plucked from their mother's bosom and cast into the claustrophobic iron wolfs in the heat and height of the second world war, who begin to doubt the cause and victory of the fuhrer they've been taught to love and trust.

Top-notch direction, action, acting and sets. This is perhaps the greatest movie ever made in my opinion.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific with the review, there is just too much to cover without spoiling anything for those yet to enjoy it, and thus I just highly recommend it to anybody, not just war movie buffs.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Writers: Wolfgang Petersen screenplay , Lothar G.

Buchheim novel. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Top Rated Movies 78 Nominated for 6 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jürgen Prochnow Werner - Correspondent Klaus Wennemann Johann Martin May Ullman Heinz Hoenig Hinrich as Heinz Hönig Uwe Ochsenknecht Chief Bosun Claude-Oliver Rudolph Ario Jan Fedder Pilgrim Ralf Richter Frenssen as Ralph Richter Joachim Bernhard Preacher Oliver Stritzel Learn more More Like This.

Once Upon a Time in America Crime Drama. Amadeus Biography Drama History. Stars: F. Braveheart Apocalypse Now Drama Mystery War. Das Boot — After the raid, Werner leaves the U-boat bunker in which he had taken shelter and finds the captain, badly injured by shrapnel, watching his U-boat sink in the dock.

Just after the boat disappears under the water, the captain collapses and dies. Werner rushes to his body, and surveys the grim scene with tears in his eyes.

The film features both Standard German-speakers and dialect speakers. Petersen states in the DVD audio commentary that young men from throughout Germany and Austria were recruited for the film, as he wanted faces and dialects that would accurately reflect the diversity of the Third Reich around All of the main actors are bilingual in German and English, and when the film was dubbed into English, each actor recorded his own part with the exception of Martin Semmelrogge, who only dubbed his own role in the Director's Cut.

The German version is dubbed as well, as the film was shot "silent", because the dialogue spoken on-set would have been drowned out by the gyroscopes in the special camera developed for filming.

Interestingly, the film's German version actually grossed much higher than the English-dubbed version at the United States box office.

During , war correspondent Lothar-Günther Buchheim joined U for a single patrol, in the Battle of the Atlantic. In , Buchheim published a novel based on his wartime experiences, Das Boot The Boat , a fictionalised autobiographical account narrated by a "Leutnant Werner".

It became the best-selling German fiction work on the war. Production for this film originally began in Several American directors were considered, and the Kaleun Kapitänleutnant was to be played by Robert Redford.

Disagreements sprang up among various parties and the project was shelved. Another Hollywood production was attempted with other American directors in mind, this time with the Kaleun to be portrayed by Paul Newman.

This effort primarily failed due to technical concerns, for example, how to film the close encounter of the two German submarines at sea during a storm.

Production of Das Boot took two years — and was the most expensive German film at the time. This ensured natural growth of beards and hair, increasing skin pallor, and signs of strain on the actors, who had, just like real U-boat men, spent many months in a cramped, unhealthy atmosphere.

The production included the construction of several models of different sizes, as well as a complete, detailed reconstruction of the interior of the U , a Type VIIC-class U-boat.

Hans-Joachim Krug, former first officer on U , served as a consultant, as did Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock , the captain of the real U Several different sets were used.

Two full-size mock-ups of a Type VIIC boat were built, one representing the portion above water for use in outdoor scenes, and the other a cylindrical tube on a motion mount hydraulic gimbal for the interior scenes.

The outdoor mock-up was basically a shell propelled with a small engine, and stationed in La Rochelle, France and has a history of its own.

One morning the production crew walked out to where they kept it afloat and found it missing. Someone had forgotten to inform the crew that an American filmmaker had rented the mock-up for his own film shooting in the area.

A mock-up of a conning tower was placed in a water tank at the Bavaria Studios in Munich for outdoor scenes not requiring a full view of the boat's exterior.

When filming on the outdoor mockup or the conning tower, jets of cold water were hosed over the actors to simulate the breaking ocean waves.

During the filming there was a scene where actor Jan Fedder Pilgrim fell off the bridge while the U-boat was surfaced. Fedder broke several ribs.

This scene was not scripted and during the take one of the actors exclaims " Mann über Bord! Petersen, who at first did not realise this was an accident said "Good idea, Jan.

We'll do that one more time! In this scene, the pained expression on Fedder's face is authentic and not acted. For his scenes later in the film Fedder had to be brought to and from set from the hospital since he suffered a concussion while filming his accident scene.

Fedder eventually recovered enough and Pilgrim is seen on his feet from the scene when the U abandons the British sailors.

A half-sized full hull operating model was used for underwater shots and some surface running shots, in particular the meeting in stormy seas with another U-boat.

The tank was also used for the shots of British sailors jumping from their ship; a small portion of the tanker hull was constructed for these shots.

The interior U-boat mock-up was mounted five metres off the floor and was shaken, rocked, and tilted up to 45 degrees by means of a hydraulic apparatus, and was vigorously shaken to simulate depth charge attacks.

Petersen was admittedly obsessive about the structural detail of the U-boat set, remarking that "every screw" in the set was an authentic facsimile of the kind used in a World War II U-boat.

In this he was considerably assisted by the numerous photographs Lothar-Günther Buchheim had taken during his own voyage on the historical U , some of which had been published in his book, U-Boot-Krieg "U-Boat War".

Throughout the filming, the actors were forbidden to go out in sunlight, to create the pallor of men who seldom saw the sun during their missions.

The actors went through intensive training to learn how to move quickly through the narrow confines of the vessel.

Most of the interior shots were filmed using a hand-held Arriflex of cinematographer Jost Vacano 's design to convey the claustrophobic atmosphere of the boat.

It had two gyroscopes to provide stability, a different and smaller scale solution than the Steadicam , so that it could be carried throughout the interior of the mock-up.

Wolfgang Petersen created the film based on Buchheim's novel of the same name with several alterations to the plot and characters.

The next day, 31 October, the group made contact with convoy OS U launched four torpedoes at a long range, one of which struck the Dutch SS Benekom.

The ship went down half an hour after being hit, taking nine of her crew of 56 with her. The U-boat escaped the barrage of 27 depth charges unscathed.

Unable to reach her destination, U made for the port of Saint Nazaire. In the film, there is only one ardent Nazi in the crew of 40, namely the First Watch Officer referred to comically in one scene as Unser Hitlerjugendführer or "Our Hitler Youth Leader".

The rest of the officers are either indifferent or openly anti-Nazi the Captain. The enlisted sailors and NCO are portrayed as apolitical.

Werner states that the selection of naval personnel based on their loyalty to the party only occurred later in the war from onward when the U-boats were suffering high casualties and when morale was declining.

Such a degree of skepticism may or may not have occurred. In support of Das Boot on this subject, U-boat historian Michael Gannon maintains that the U-boat navy was one of the least pro-Nazi branches of the German armed forces.

Both the novel and the film had a much darker ending than in reality, where the U-boat returns to port only to be destroyed during an air raid with many of her crew killed or wounded.

In reality, U survived the war unscathed with the majority of her senior officers surviving as well, but much like its on-screen fate, it actually was sunk by Allied bombers at its berth in Wilhelmshaven in March Even though the beginning and the end of the film occur in the port of La Rochelle , it does not correspond historically.

The submarine base in La Rochelle was not functional before November , and at the time of the film the port was dried up.

Moreover, none of the British fighter-bombers of late to early had the range to bomb La Rochelle from bases in the U.

Even though impressed by the technological accuracy of the film's set-design and port construction buildings, novelist Lothar-Günther Buchheim expressed great disappointment with Petersen's adaptation in a film review [19] published in , describing Petersen's film as converting his clearly anti-war novel into a blend of a "cheap, shallow American action flick" and a "contemporary German propaganda newsreel from World War II".

Buchheim, after several attempts for an American adaptation had failed, had provided his own script as soon as Petersen was chosen as new director.

It would have been a six-hour epic; Petersen turned him down because the producers were aiming for a minute feature for international release.

However, today's Director's Cut of Das Boot amounts to minutes. Director Wolfgang Petersen has overseen the creation of several different versions of his film.

The first to be released was the minute theatrical cut. The film was partly financed by German television broadcasters WDR and the SDR , and much more footage had been shot than was shown in the theatrical version.

A version of six minute episodes was transmitted on BBC2 in the United Kingdom in October and, again during the Christmas season. In February a version of three minute episodes was broadcast in Germany.

Petersen then supervised the editing of six hours of film, from which was distilled a minute version, Das Boot: The Director's Cut.

Released to cinemas worldwide in , this cut combines the action sequences seen in the feature-length version with character development scenes contained in the mini-series.

In addition, the audio quality was improved and modified over previous releases. In it was released on DVD as a single-disc edition including an audio commentary by Petersen, lead actor Jürgen Prochnow and director's cut producer Ortwin Freyermuth; a 6-minute making-of featurette; and in most territories, the theatrical trailer.

In it was also released as a " Superbit " edition with no extra features, but a superior quality higher bit-rate and the film spread across two discs.

It omits the episode opening flashback scenes of the television broadcast so is slightly shorter, running minutes. From onwards, the minute "Director's Cut", along with various new extras, was released internationally on Blu-ray.

In the original miniseries, also known as "The Original Uncut Version", was released on Blu-ray in Germany with optional English audio and subtitles.

It contains more than 30 hours of material: the Director's Cut min. These soundtracks are included on various DVD and Blu-ray releases as an alternative language to the original German.

The film received highly positive reviews upon its release. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four out of four stars.

Today, the film is seen as one of the greatest German films. The critical consensus states "Taut, breathtakingly thrilling, and devastatingly intelligent, Das Boot is one of the greatest war films ever made.

Over , people visited the exhibition during its four-month run. The characteristic lead melody of the soundtrack, composed and produced by Klaus Doldinger , took on a life of its own after German rave group U96 created a remixed "techno version" in The title theme " Das Boot " [34] later became an international hit.

The official soundtrack [35] features only compositions by Doldinger, except for " J'attendrai " sung by Rina Ketty.

das boot der film Filmklassiker neu interpretiert. Achtteiliges Serien-Event nach den Romanen "​Das Boot" und "Die Festung" um eine junge, unerfahrene deutsche. Trotz allem ist der Film natürlich WELTKLASSE, daran gibt es keinen Zweifel, WOLFGANG PETERSEN hat hier einen der beeidnruckendsten Filme der. Mit dem Weltkriegs-Epos Das Boot, um eine U-Boot-Besatzung im Zweiten Weltkrieg, brachte Regisseur Wolfgang Petersen einen echten Blockbuster ins. Das Boot: Kriegsfilm von Prof. Dr. Günter Rohrbach mit Jan Fedder/Herbert Grönemeyer/Claude-Oliver Rudolph. Jetzt im Kino. Wolfgang Petersens aufwändiger, auch international überaus erfolgreicher Film basiert auf einer authentischen U-Boot-Operation des Kriegsjahres

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