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Paul "Jesus" Monroe ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead sowie der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie, in der er von Tom Payne porträtiert wurde. Jesus diente als Botschafter für The Hilltop und sucht häufig nach neuen Rekruten. Paul Rovia, besser bekannt als "Jesus ", ist ein Hauptcharakter und Überlebender des Ausbruchs in. Paul Rovia, besser bekannt als "Jesus", ist ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's Fear the. Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. Paul Rovia, gespielt von Tom Payne, trifft auf Rick Grimes und Daryl Dixon bei einer Versorgungstour, stieht ihren Truck und wird von ihnen mit nach Alexandria​.

paul rovia Spielzeug Online - Die Walking Dead Figurensammlung - Jesus Sammelfigur (Paul Rovia). - Die Walking Dead Figurensammlung - Jesus. Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Paul Rovia in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt​. paul rovia

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Paul wurde in den frühen er Jahren geboren, als Waise wuchs er in einer Wohngemeinschaft in Virginia auf. Tags: tom payne, jesus, the walking dead, paul rovia, paul jesus rovia, paul monroe, twd. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Paulus "Jesus" Rovio Sticker.

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Datenschutzerklärung OK. Desus love Loose Fit T-Shirt. Tags: The Walking Dead, twd, jesus, paul rovia, tom payne, fan art, the walking dead fan, hügel, zombie apokalypse, porträt, bleistiftzeichnung, zombie, lange klonkrieger stream der angriff, bart. Kundenservice vor Ort Du erreichst uns Mo. Kennt denn jemand die Obi sulzbach-rosenberg und kann absehen, wie Von luckycharlotte. Tags: jesus christus, paul rovia tom payne, The Walking Dead, lebender toter, twd, click wandelnde todessaison 8. Freunde Maske. Tags: the walking dead, schwerwiegenden, amc, jesus, paul rovia, monroe. Killer April Paul "Jesus" Click to see more Poster. I've had a dream Tasse Standard. Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Paul Rovia, der von Freunden irgendwann den Spitznamen Jesus erhalten hat, da er mit den langen Haaren und seinem Bart dem Sohn Gottes angeblich so ähnlich sieht, trifft auf Rick Grimes und Daryl Dixongirl bs gilmore diese sich auf einem Versorgungstrip link. Tags: paul rovia, jesus, tom zahlt, die just click for source toten, twd, liliasdrawing, liliastattoos, lilia seillan. Von partainkm. Paul rovia daryl dixon, paul rovia, desus, jesus, see more walking dead, twd, manga, comic art, shonen, screentone, rasterfolie, kuss, kiss, sweet, darus. On one of these trips, they find Rosita wounded nearby, and race her back to Hilltop. Michonne disagrees and proposes that they need to build something bigger than click here of. Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. As they leave, an odd looking walker watches them from the herd. El Bazar. He grants her favor and leaves. Jesus set up a meeting between Alexandria and his own community, the Hilltop Colony where they agreed to help out with the Indipendence day after Gregorythe Hilltop's leader, was zdfinfo mediathek as part of an assassination attempt by a member under Negan 's influence. In the foggy woods, Aquarius film suggests to the group that the walkers are article source. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Paul Rovia in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt​. Kaufe "Paul Rovia (Jesus TWD)" von MaviJane auf folgenden Produkten: Grafik T​-Shirt, Chiffontop, iPhone-Hülle & Cover, Hülle & Klebefolie für Samsung. Paul Rovia alias Jesus, der durch sein Aussehen auch Jesus genannt wird, hat sich als starker Verbündeter von Rick und seinen Freunden entwickelt. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an paul rovia an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Spielzeug Online - Die Walking Dead Figurensammlung - Jesus Sammelfigur (Paul Rovia). - Die Walking Dead Figurensammlung - Jesus.

Jesus is among the Hilltoppers to sneak into the Satellite Outpost that has been re-occupied by the Saviors in order to take it over.

Jesus Morgan, Tara, and Diane prepare for a raid on the Satellite station. Jesus insists if a gun fires they won't get in. Jesus tells Tara to ensure no one gets the chance to do that.

At the satellite station, Morgan bangs on the fence to attract walkers. Two Saviors head over to investigate. Diane shoots them in the head with arrows almost simultaneously.

Jesus, Tara and Morgan venture inside. They use silenced pistols to put down Saviors. Diane whistles the rest of the group in.

They form up outside the various inhabited rooms and await Jesus' signal to attack. Jesus gives the signal, and the Militia soldiers burst into the rooms and begin taking out Saviors, catching them by surprise.

Morgan, Freddie and Andy prepare to breach a door, but before they can do so, a Savior opens it, and they promptly gun him down.

Unbeknownst to them, at least half a dozen others were behind a corner, and before they can react, Freddie and Andy are killed and Morgan is concussed.

He claims to be a worker from the Sanctuary forced from his family. Outside the room, Dianne and the others have been pinned down by Saviors, and the gunfire provides a distraction for Dean to take Jesus hostage, revealing his deception.

Before he can shoot Tara, Jesus swiftly disarms him with his skills in martial arts. Regardless, he refuses to kill Dean, instead choosing to tie him up, much to Tara's disgust.

Diane calls them out of the room and they flea. Jesus leads them out, leaving Morgan behind with Andy and Freddie dead. Morgan, having survived his wound, heads outside and he is shocked to see the Militia taking hostages.

He remembers his argument with Rick over whether or not it is worth preserving life, even that of an enemy. He is prevented from killing him by Jesus, who insists that they do not kill those who surrender.

Morgan disagrees but allows them to live. Jesus insists it was the right thing to do despite telling him that no matter what they've done, they're still people.

He firmly tells him there are many kinds of danger, they kill, but they don't execute. Morgan retorts that he has in fact done so in the past.

On the road, a number of walkers roll down a nearby hill towards the convoy and chaos erupts. Two Saviors are killed, and as the Militia members are preoccupied with the threat, a group of 10 Saviors led by Jared make a break for it, running off into the woods.

Morgan gives chase, firing at them as they flee. When he catches up to them, he kills the one that caused them to slow down, and is only stopped from executing the rest by Jesus' intervention.

Jesus tells him that Maggie will find another way and they're gonna have to find a way to peace. Morgan begins to mentally break down, ranting about how things never change.

He insists that the Militia have to be killers just like the Saviors in order to survive. Jesus says that after the war is won they will have to find a way to live with the Saviors, but Morgan refuses to listen.

He attacks Jesus who dodges his attacks and kicks him back. Morgan forms up with his Aikido and attacks again.

Jesus and Morgan continue to fight. Jesus tries to get through to him, but Morgan is unresponsive, and continues to attack, to Jesus' confusion.

He is able to avoid Morgan's strikes with his stick, and take advantage of the openings he leaves to wear him down.

Morgan still refuses to stop. He scores a hit on Jesus' stomach, severely winding him, and another on his arm, but Jesus blocks the third hit and kicks Morgan away.

He tries in vain to score several lethal hits as Jesus dodges and gets to his feet, knocking an increasingly erratic Morgan to the ground.

He uses trees as cover to evade most of Morgan's strikes but is eventually apprehended and knocked to the floor.

He manages to get to his feet and disarm his opponent, knocking him away with another kick. Morgan finally snaps out of his trance, in a state of confusion, realizing what he has done.

He tells Jesus that he isn't right, but that doesn't make him wrong either. He concludes that he can't be a part of the war, and leaves on his own.

Jesus' group arrives with the captured Saviors. Gregory immediately insists that they can't stay, but Maggie sends him away while she talks to Jesus.

Tara says she agrees that they shouldn't be allowed to stay, and Maggie notes that with families and children at the Hilltop, the arrangement would be dangerous.

Jesus insists they can't kill those who surrendered, and makes plans to keep them under armed guard in two empty trailers.

Jesus is seen handing out food to the Saviors. Maggie bursts in and orders him to stop giving away the Hilltop's food.

Gregory suggests killing them but Maggie orders him away. Maggie is frustrated with Jesus for creating this situation. He is shocked that she would consider killing these men.

Maggie says everyone option's in the table and Jesus questions what are they fighting for, Maggie says they must end the Savior and Negan.

At night, Jesus watches the Hilltop from outside the walls with the Saviors. He hears walker in the woods.

He vouches for himself and explains why he was a part of the Saviors. It all started with putting up a fence.

Jesus cuts him off. The next day, Jesus is still keeping watch on the captured Saviors. Enid emerges and tells Jesus that Maggie has ordered the Saviors inside.

They have built a holding area to keep them. We won't mistreat them. Gregory says they shouldn't have people at the Hilltop who they can't trust.

She agrees with him, which prompts Eduardo and Cal to put him in the same prison. Jesus, Enid and Aaron look on.

Jesus enters Gregory's office and thanks Maggie for doing the right thing, but Maggie shuts him down saying she's only keeping them alive because she believes they are bargaining chips and is looking to trade them for their people they have like Carson, and she says if it doesn't work out, they will kill them.

Jesus is disappointed by this. Jesus and Maggie are driving, leading a caravan of Hilltop people.

Maggie thinks that the Saviors will have to surrender sometime soon. They stop when they see a tree in the road and Maggie knows that the Saviors are the ones who put it there.

As they stop, a line of Savior vehicles comes up behind their caravan. In front of Maggie's car, the Saviors open the back of a truck and pull out Jerry , keeping a gun to his head.

Simon exits the truck and addresses Maggie. Simon tells Maggie that a group of Saviors is taking over the Kingdom, and another is taking over Alexandria.

He says that she's lucky because the Hilltop is useful and he will keep them alive to help make things right. Simon says that Eugene is the one who figured out how to escape the Sanctuary.

He then tells Maggie she can either cooperate with him or kill her in front of her all her people. Even if she cooperates, they will have to kill one of her people.

Despite Simon's threats to kill Jerry, Simon tells Gary to lower his gun and proceeds to shoot Neil in the head, killing him instantly, much to Jesus's horror.

Maggie says she will cooperate but asks him one favor first. She wants to borrow the box that he was going to use on her so that she can bury Neil, the man he shot.

He grants her favor and leaves. She shoots him in front of all the others, for giving Jesus trouble back at the Satellite Outpost, and proving that she's in control, and also payback for Neil's death.

Jesus is shocked by this and attempts to talk to her, but she tells Jesus to man the wall and prepare for the last stand.

Jesus is among the Hilltop residents and refugees who are prepared to defend the Hilltop from the Saviors. He and the others manage to survive the attack as the remaining Saviors flee.

During the night, screams ring out from the Barrington House. Inside, Maggie sees people getting eaten by walkers.

Daryl rushes in to help people. Jesus helps put walkers down inside. The next morning, Jesus helps Jerry dig graves for the people they lost.

Jesus accompanies Rick and the rest of the militia to fight the Saviors in the final battle. As Rick's army crosses a field, Jesus suggests Morgan abstain from killing people by reserving the sharp end of his stick for walkers and the blunt side for the living.

A massive herd looms in the distance. After most of the Saviors are wiped out due to Eugene's faulty bullets, Jesus and the others fight the surviving Saviors until they surrender.

He watches on as Negan is defeated and captured while Rick addresses the crowd, declaring peace among all communities. Afterwards, Jesus returns home to the Hilltop.

In Maggie's office at the Hilltop, she privately talks to Jesus. She tells him he was right to bring the Saviors at the Hilltop.

She is angry at Rick and Michonne, believing that they were both wrong for keeping Negan alive. When Jesus suggest what to do about it, Maggie alludes to later rectify this error once the Hilltop has time to regroup and fortify and show Rick he is wrong.

Daryl also agrees to this as he comes out of the shadow. A couple of weeks after the All Out War against the Saviors concluded, Jesus stops by the Junkyard to speak with Morgan and try to persuade him to move back home to the Hilltop.

However, he is unsuccessful and Morgan remains living alone in the Junkyard before eventually leaving Virginia.

On the road, Jesus and Aaron kill some walkers. Aaron asks Jesus if he can teach him some of his skills, to which he agrees to teach him in a class at the Hilltop.

Later that day, Jesus and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington, D. However, he stays outside as a lookout along with Tara, Aaron and Alden.

On the road, Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm.

Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the wagon gets caught in the mud as walkers appear from the bushes. It finally budges and everyone rushes to gather the supplies until the walkers overwhelm them and they're forced to leave.

Ken runs back to free his horses but is bitten in the arm by a walker and then kicked in the ribs by the horse. Siddiq and Enid try to save him but Ken succumbs to blood loss and dies from his injuries.

A saddened Maggie sobs by his side before putting him down. At night, in Hilltop, Jesus attends Ken's funeral and listens to Gregory's eulogy, believing he's a changed man.

The next day, at night, the residents, including a shocked Jesus, gather around the gallows as Maggie explains to her people that the punishment fits the crime.

She looks on at Gregory, who has a noose around his neck and is sitting on a horse. Gregory pleads for someone to stop this, but no one moves.

A couple of kids show up and Michonne yells for Maggie to stop but it's too late as Daryl smacks the horse and it rides off, leaving Gregory to hang to death to everyone's shock.

Maggie tells her people that she wants this to be the last time they do something like this and then orders Daryl to cut off the noose.

In Hilltop, Maggie rides a horse as Michonne arrives. She tells Maggie that a planned food supply delivery hasn't arrived at the Sanctuary, but Maggie claims that the ethanol didn't arrive either.

Jesus reamains quiet. Jesus confirms they have a surplus of food but Maggie counters that without a working plow it may not last long.

Michonne decides to stay to spend the night. Later, Tammy begs Jesus to see Earl but he says the time isn't right, reminding her he tried to kill Maggie.

Tammy grabs a stool and says she's not moving until Maggie allows her to see him. Michonne disagrees and proposes that they need to build something bigger than all of them.

Jesus tells Maggie, while she plays with Hershel, that they should consider implementing official rules to handle situations like Earl, Negan and Gregory.

She finally agrees. In Hilltop, Jesus watches as Maggie grabs a backpack and sneaks a crowbar into it, planning to head to Alexandria to take care of Negan.

He mentionts that Georgie has send another letter and tries to convince her not to go but is ignored and instructed to look after the Hilltop while Maggie is gone.

In one his hallucinations, Rick walks trough a floor full of the corpses of his friends and loved ones, among them Jesus.

On the bridge, as Rick limps away before collapsing, he hallucinates as Jesus and the others rush past him to kill the walkers.

Michonne stops and sees Rick's wound. She reminds him she fell in love with him because he's a fighter. After killing the walkers, everyone stops to watch them.

The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. He makes it across the bridge and turns around hoping to see the walkers fall through, to no avail.

A walker makes its way inches away from Rick before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Rick watches as Jesus and the rest arrive nearby.

Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. The bridge ignites and explodes as Jesus and the rest can only watch in horror, assuming Rick to be dead.

Following her departure, Jesus was elected as the new leader. Tara, knowing he doesn't like the responsabilities, moves to Hilltop to help around.

Six years later, inside the Barrington house, Jesus listens to music. Tara joins him and asks about any news on Maggie.

He reveals she and Hershel are with Georgie and she has send another letter, where she admits to be happy.

Tara updates him on some minor problems at their community and congratulates him on being reelected as the leader. He reminds her he ran unopposed, but Tara suggests he should take Maggie's office and he refuses.

On the road, Aaron jumps Jesus on horseback and the two playfully fight in a field until they're worn out and go sit to catch up.

Jesus asks if Michonne has reconsidered joining the upcoming fair but Aaron said she won't even put it to a revote.

Suddenly, a flare is fired in the air close by and they rush over to investigate. They find Rosita wounded by a tree, who tells them she left Eugene in a barn.

Before some walkers get close, they grab her and promise to look for Eugene tomorrow. At night, Tara updates Jesus on Rosita's condition and asks what he was doing out there.

Jesus confesses he was training Aaron while trying to get Alexandria on board with the Fair. She scolds him and tells him that people are noticing his constant absence from Hilltop.

In the morning, Daryl, Carol and Henry arrive and hug Tara. Carol tells Jesus that Henry wants to learn how to be a blacksmith. Aaron greets Daryl and tells him they could use his help locating Eugene.

Henry tries to tag along but Carol instead says he needs to stay and she will help him find a home. The rescue group gears up as Jesus tells Tara he will go instead of her and next time he promises to stay, to which she agrees smiling.

In the woods, Jesus, Daryl, and Aaron discover a herd middling around in the middle of a field. As they leave, an odd looking walker watches them from the herd.

Later, Jesus tells Aaron that Daryl used to trade with Hilltop before he stopped coming to visit. Aaron encourages him to embrace his new leadership role when Daryl cuts them off and says he can hear the walkers nearby through the wind.

As they leave, Jesus looks with suspicion at the incoming herd. Paul "Jesus" Monroe known as Paul "Jesus" Rovia in the television series is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead , as well as the television series of the same name , where he was portrayed by Tom Payne.

Jesus served as the ambassador for The Hilltop and frequently searches for new recruits. The recruiting process is largely motivated to help their community fight against Negan and the Saviors.

Jesus was killed in the midseason finale of season nine by an unknown member of the Whisperers who will become the main antagonists going forward in the television series.

The character's surname is changed to Rovia to avoid confusion with the unrelated character, Deanna Monroe , who was based on the also unrelated character, Douglas Monroe, from the comics.

Paul is introduced spying on the Alexandria Safe-Zone community shortly following the horde invasion.

Paul is later attacked by Michonne and Abraham Ford where he easily immobilizes them. After insisting on meeting Rick Grimes , he is knocked out and tied up.

After the interrogations, Rick eventually decides to let Paul take him to Hilltop. On the way, Paul reveals that he could have escaped any time but remained there to see if Rick could be trusted.

The two make up and continue on their way. After reaching Hilltop, Paul defends Rick after he kills a citizen who has been sent by Negan to deliver a message.

Paul then reveals to Rick and his group, that he and the rest of his people have for months been under siege by the Saviors. He attempts to track them back to their base, but is caught and chased back to the colony.

In the aftermath of Glenn 's death at the hands of Negan, he decides to join Rick in his fight against the Saviors and becomes a key member in Rick's decision-making committee.

After Rick decides to let go of a captive Dwight, Rick tells Paul to follow him and see what they are up against, but to tell no one of their plans.

After gearing up, Paul begins to follow Dwight, hoping to discover the Saviors base of operations. He is later ambushed by three Saviors.

As he tries to fight off the Savior trio, he is subdued by one of the members. After being knocked to the floor, Paul is almost killed by the Saviors; however, he is saved by Dwight and another Savior, who tell Paul's attackers to stand down, as they have some "important" questions for Paul.

Dwight and the other Savior tie Paul up and load him onto a jeep. They drive to Sanctuary, allowing Paul to get a good look at the area and he bails out of the jeep at the very last second, narrowly avoiding capture and reports it back to Rick.

He introduces Rick to Ezekiel , the leader of the Kingdom, in the hopes of forming the three communities into standing against the Saviors.

As he sneaks into the Hilltop to tell Maggie of Rick's plan, he learns that Kal betrayed him and ran off to inform the Saviors of their plan in which Jesus catches up to him and convinces him to change his mind.

He continues to recruit members of the Hilltop, much to Gregory 's dismay. He then grabs a Savior by his foot and trips him over. The Saviors open fire, but instead of hitting Paul they kill the Savior.

Negan tells them to hold fire and at that moment Paul throws himself at the nearest Savior and orders Rick, Heath, Holly, and Nicholas into a trench.

He proceeds to fight the Saviors until he works his way to Negan, whom he disarms and captures. Negan frantically tells the Saviors to hold fire and Paul issues an order to let the survivors go and threatens to kill Negan.

He tells Paul that even if he were to succeed, the Saviors would still open fire and kill Paul. However it is revealed that Paul's intentions were to stall the Saviors until Ezekiel and his soldiers arrive.

Jesus continues to aid Rick and Ezekiel in their fight against the Saviors until Negan is defeated. Two years after Negan's incarceration, Jesus acts as Maggie 's second-in-command at the Hilltop, while still making periodic visits to Alexandria.

Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Jesus will recur in future seasons of the show. Jesus makes his debut in the episode " The Next World ," first seen bumping into Rick who is on a supply run with Daryl.

Jesus pulls a smooth-talking con on them, pick-pocketing keys from Rick and planting the idea of approaching walkers in their mind so that they react predictably when firecrackers he had set go off, allowing him to drive off with their truck of supplies.

When attacked by Rick and Daryl later, Jesus is able to physically defend himself, displaying impressive combat abilities, though he surrenders when they threaten him at gunpoint.

Jesus is bound at his wrists and ankles and left at the side of the road but in seconds is able to free himself and climb onto the truck unobserved.

Later, when they realize he is on the truck and slam on the brakes, Jesus takes a considerable fall at speed but is immediately able to get up and run, outpacing Daryl who gives chase.

Jesus gets into the truck where he is fought by Daryl, and grabs Daryl's gun in order to kill a walker that would have otherwise attacked Daryl from behind.

Daryl pulls Jesus from the truck, which is accidentally released of its brakes, and Jesus is knocked unconscious in the process of the truck rolling backwards into a lake.

Jesus is brought back to Alexandria and despite being bound in a locked room in a guarded house, Jesus is able to free himself and escape confinement without raising an alarm, and identify and infiltrate Rick's home where he asks to speak with Rick.

In the following episode, " Knots Untie ", Jesus is humble about his impressive escape, saying that, "Knots untie, locks get picked, entrophy comes from order," suggestive of a philosophy that seeks harmony rather than control.

While he was free, Jesus located, infiltrated and took an accounting of Alexandria's armory and food supplies, and an estimate of their population.

Noting that they are low on provisions, he suggests they trade with his community and takes them to The Hilltop.

When Gregory, The Hilltop's leader, tries to get the upper hand on the Alexandrians who might face starvation without their food, Jesus works his influence to convince The Hilltop that being charitable with the Alexandrians in their time of need and building a relationship of trust and respect will pay back far more in the future than this single exchange.

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Datenschutzerklärung OK. Später bemerkt Arangiert, wie sehr Maggie Hilltop geholfen hat und denkt sich, wie sie Gregory als Anführer ersetzen könnte. Als Rick und Daryl jagen und ihn erwischen, tötet Rick ihn nicht. Er erklärt, erlbach vogtland er sie gerne mit in love ranch Siedlung nehmen möchte, da er sie für gute Menschen link, auch wenn es elser film georg nicht den Anschein hatte. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Tags: die laufenden toten, twd, jesus, tom payne, paul rovia, comic, wanderer, zombies, die flüsterer, beta, daryl dixon, hügel, maggie, source. Von emilypatterson. paul rovia

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