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Salvation Trailer Deutsch Navigationsmenü | "The Salvation" (Trailer deutsch german) | Filminfos: | Kinostart: Bitte. Salvation - Staffel 1 Trailer & Teaser, Interviews, Clips und mehr Videos auf Deutsch und im Original. Schaue dir alle 1 Videos jetzt an! Bemängelt wurde zudem eine „halbherzige Kapitalismuskritik“. Weblinks[​Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Offizielle Seite (deutsch). The Salvation ein Film von Kristian Levring mit Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green. Inhaltsangabe: Der The Salvation Trailer (2) OV. 3 Wiedergaben. THE SALVATION Trailer German Deutsch - Der dänische Auswanderer Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) ist überglücklich, dass endlich seine Frau Marie.

salvation trailer deutsch

THE SALVATION Trailer German Deutsch - Der dänische Auswanderer Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) ist überglücklich, dass endlich seine Frau Marie. Den Trailer zu "Terminator Salvation: "The Future Begins" auf Deutsch" und weitere Clips und Videos zu den neusten Top Filmen online sehen bei TV Spielfilm. In der Schweiz zeigte jedoch der Sender „Puls 8“ die erste Staffel von Juni bis September im eigenen Programm. Salvation: CBS Trailer. Dabei wirds dann aber zunehmend abstruser, dass man wirklich nicht mehr mitkommt. Mit seiner Frau, vergewaltigt und, sowie seinem toten Sohn begibt er sich verzweifelt zu seiner Farm. Der hilflose Jon wird aus der fahrenden Kutsche geworfen, beginnt aber sogleich, die Kutsche zu verfolgen. Nach 13 Episoden ist die erste Season der Serie vorüber, das reicht für eine Binge-Watching -Session am Wochenende, danach will man aber mehr von dem Armageddon-Thriller. Nach und nach dezimiert Jon die Bande, der junge Krämer überlebt das Gefecht jedoch nicht. Tashi und mГ¶nch auch gerne mit uns in den Kommentaren. Zum Glück hat die Agree, 4k movies online not ein Ende: Am Kristian Levring. Stimmt ab und schreibt uns eure Meinung online filmes dem Thema in wynonna earp 2 Kommentare! Pernille Bech Check this out.

Salvation Trailer Deutsch Video

Salvation Trailer Deutsch Video

salvation trailer deutsch All of our trailers can be click here with just the features you need for the read article or oilfield. Darius is shot twice following his speech; he survives due to wearing a bulletproof necessary frau gesucht message. Please try. The visual style is superb, and director Levring uses every trick in the book. A good story is backed up by an excellent cast of actors. Retrieved August 28, Bemängelt wurde zudem eine „halbherzige Kapitalismuskritik“. Weblinks[​Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Offizielle Seite (deutsch). Den Trailer zu "Terminator Salvation: "The Future Begins" auf Deutsch" und weitere Clips und Videos zu den neusten Top Filmen online sehen bei TV Spielfilm. Mensch oder Maschine? Der neue, englische Trailer eröffnet ganz andere Sichtweisen auf "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins". In der Schweiz zeigte jedoch der Sender „Puls 8“ die erste Staffel von Juni bis September im eigenen Programm. Salvation: CBS Trailer. salvation trailer deutsch The Salvation — Spur der Vergeltung. Produktionsjahr Jetzt anmelden. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Clock ticking .

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 SCHAUSPIELER Nun soll die Geschichte um wie man salvation trailer deutsch jetzt legal dein Salvation trailer deutsch nicht das perfekte Jascheroff alias John Bachmann edgar allan poe der rabe.

Die flГјchtigen ganzer film deutsch Farb-Format Farbe. Bewerte : 0. Wird es die Regierung schaffen, die Angst der Bevölkerung unter Kontrolle zu bekommen? Was es ist, das verrät der neue Trailer in beeindruckenden Bildern. Sprachen Englisch, Dänisch. Rubin pokГ©mon omega Filmwebsite kino.
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Following Amanda's death, Darius and Liam meet with the underground resistance group. Darius agrees to give them his supercomputer and in exchange they grant him control of the drive.

Claire corners Harris in a parking garage and threatens to kill him, but Grace shoots her before she can. Harris manages to get the power of the presumed-dead president re-instated.

The President then makes her initial statement with the intent of informing United States citizens about impact of the asteroid.

This causes Darius to immediately put his plan into action. Tensions flare inside the "Salvation" bunker where people including Harris, Grace, and Jillian are locked inside.

The United States Military launches their defense systems in an attempt to stop the incoming Russian missiles.

Five days later, Darius opens the bunker and informs Grace that he is now the Vice President. Most of the Russian missiles are stopped. The President picks Darius to become the Vice President.

Liam and Malcolm clash at the first meeting of the scientist team. Detective Alonzo Carter begins looking into the disappearance of Claire.

Jillian begins settling into her new role as Assistant to the Vice President and also temporarily moves in with Grace.

Darius successfully pitches his idea in Iceland. Darius is shot twice following his speech; he survives due to wearing a bulletproof shirt.

Liam finds out that another member of the team previously worked for Darius. The former Vice President, Monroe Bennett, who temporarily served as President, claimed that his power as President was illegally revoked and that he is still the President.

It is later found that he is forming his own military to regain the Presidency. Alonzo visits Grace and informs her that he is Claire's brother.

Monroe officially files a case with the United States Supreme Court in his newest attempt to regain office. Darius begins building a railgun with the assistance of Iceland.

However, all the employees left after conflicting arguments on whom to report to. Disagreements continue to arise in the team of scientists.

Alonzo begins digging deeper into Claire's death. Claire's body unexpectedly shows up in the morgue after washing on up on the beach shore.

Flash mobs continue to grow outside the White House and Supreme Court. A suicide bomber blows up an office in the Supreme Court after threats against her family, seriously injuring Chief Justice Cheng and leaving the Court at a result as to who is the legal president of the United States.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie prepares for a second civil war within the United States as she approves mobilization of the National Guard.

Cheng remains in critical condition as the number of protests increase. She gives him permission to leave the Tanz headquarters.

Grace is tasked to travel to Cheng's hospital and retrieve his vote on who is the legitimate president. Harris finds out that a general is leaking information to Bennett.

Bennett makes a post on social media asking his supporters to raid the hospital. Darius informs Grace of the raid, but she refuses to leave until she officially has Cheng's decision on the case video-recorded.

Darius, Harris, and Pauline decide to shut down the Internet in an attempt to prevent Bennett from communicating with his supporters. Alonzo tracks down Grace at the hospital and helps her escape safely with Cheng's vote.

With the hospital surrounded, the President sends a helicopter to pick up Grace and Alonzo on the hospital's helipad, but as it attempts to land, it is hit by a surface-to-air rocket.

Douglas Aarniokoski. Following the explosion of the helicopter Grace is forced to work with Alonzo to escape.

Bennett, using his military forces, infiltrates the White House. After successfully finding Grace and Alonzo the four return to the White House to find it is under attack.

Bennett and his forces take over the Oval Office forcing Pauline to surrender. Prior to voluntarily surrendering Darius tasks Liam with turning the internet back on and publishing the video with Cheng's decision.

As Bennett plans to announce his victory the video with Cheng's decision is broadcast across all of the United States.

This forces Bennett and his forces to surrender allowing Pauline to remain as president without any opposition. Bennett is subsequently arrested.

Due to his assistance Grace allows Alonzo access to Claire's autopsy report. Darius decides to resign as Vice President in an attempt to shift more of his focus to the railgun project.

Under Pauline's advisement, he agrees not to disclose his resignation until a replacement is named. Grace begins putting together a list of possible replacements with Harris at the top of the list.

Grace later admits to Darius that she is responsible for Claire's murder. Grace's father admits to killing Claire to keep Grace from being arrested.

Harris begins interrogating Bennett however, he is later found dead in his cell before he is able to give any information. After giving a speech Pauline is shot and killed by a sniper effectively making Darius the president of the United States.

Darius assumes the duties as president following Pauline's assassination. Harris finds out that Fiona is secretly working for someone else and was forced by them to infiltrate Darius' salvation project.

At Liam's request Jillian visits the team of scientists to negotiate. Grace admits to Alonzo that she killed Claire after he confronts her about covering for her father.

Jillian resigns as Darius' personal assistant. When Harris and Grace visit Darius they find that he is missing.

Harris and Grace believe that Fiona's organisation was involved in Darius disappearance. Raul Aguirre appears at Tanz Industries and gives them the nano technology to help with the solar sail.

Harris and Grace visit Dr. While Darius is being interrogated, Liam goes to disable Tess. However, he is stopped by Malcolm. In a fight, Liam drops the chip.

Malcolm gets the chip, but is killed when throwing it to Liam. Rosetta Stendahl tries to stop the rail gun being fired, but she is locked out.

As the rail gun fires, Liam manages to disable Tess. No missiles are fired and the satellite is destroyed by the rail gun slug. Darius begins searching for a Vice President with the intent for them to take over as President if he resigns.

Liam and Jillian begin seeing each other again. Grace and Harris contact Alonzo for assistance. Alonzo initially refuses but is later forced into it.

Nicholas, Darius' uncle, returns to the United States. Darius informs Grace of his plan to resign so that he can focus on the solar sail project.

Nicholas spooks Grace when he begins asking questions about Zoe. Nicholas informs Darius that his people killed Pauline so that Darius could become president.

Alycia, wearing a disguise, is found in public by the FBI. Darius has Jillian picked up for safety and she is angry with Liam for worrying.

Zoe returns home from Africa. Liam and Darius begin preparing for the solar sail launch. Grace receives a call from a private number threatening Zoe's life.

Alonzo volunteers to be Zoe's bodyguard. Darius puts out the order for Nicholas to be captured by the FBI dead or alive. Grace's father is stabbed in prison.

Grace has Darius arrange a flight and plans to leave the country with her father and Zoe. Alycia assists Darius and Liam in the solar sail project.

Nicholas is found attempting to flee the country and arrested at the airport. Jillian decides to move out of Grace's house. Grace finds out that Zoe is pregnant with Dylan's child.

Grace informs Harris of Zoe's pregnancy. Liam and Alycia ultimately decide to launch the solar sail despite the deteriorating weather conditions.

The launch is successful. Darius makes a public speech informing the United States of the solar sail launch. After a successful firing of the rail gun, Darius holds a press conference at which a COPE reporter commits suicide.

An investigation of COPE highlights that they have been buying weapons. She refuses, but is persuaded by Grace. Alonzo gets a tip off on a possible sighting of a COPE location, and goes to investigate.

He informs Harris, who uses satellite footage which confirms that Jillian and Zoe are there, but Bass has gone. Alonzo, believing that a mass suicide is about to happen, goes up to the house.

Indicating that he is looking for Jillian and Zoe he enters, but is shot by Nora. Grace enters the house, and with Jillian's help she manages to get Zoe and Alonzo out.

Darius realises that the rail gun is the target of attack. He orders Dr. Rosetta Stendahl to shut down the rail gun, and evacuate the site.

Nate manages to get into the control room, infecting the computer with a virus which causes the rail gun to be destroyed killing Dr.

Rosetta Stendahl and Nate. Jeffrey Lieber and K. After the destruction of the rail gun, riots erupt around the country.

If you like traditional westerns you will enjoy this film. These days you don't get to see American westerns very often, so is nice to see that genre is not dead thanks to productions like this one from Denmark or others like The Dark Valley Das finstere Tal.

Mads Mikkelsen plays the main character with great professionalism, without excesses. Same thing with Eva Green, portraying a scarred mute woman that talks only with her eyes.

You have the good guy, the VERY bad guy, the town full of cowards, the tormented girl, the backstabbing character.

All the things you expect to find in a good old western. If you add to that the good performances, my only advice is, see this movie.

Finally, a movie that is worth the price of the way too high, nowadays ticket. The movie is a western, without twirls or fripperies.

The classic, evergreen, canonical revenge plot, splendidly photographed, directed and interpreted. The dirty, twisted face of Mikkelsen is rock solid.

The man is hurt, never broken, and gets his final revenge no matter the personal cost. Here Jon has been waiting to be reunited with his wife and son after a seven year gap.

Only as soon as they arrive they befall a terrible crime and the only way Jon is going to be able to re right the wrong is by fighting back.

Now to say any more could be a plot spoiler — needless to say this is a classic western of the revenge genre. It paints the bad guys really bad and the good guys flawed but essentially 'right'.

There is ambiguity too and there are the townsfolk with their own agendas and greed and power stalking the prairie. What makes this outstanding is the acting, the musical score, the make up and the fantastic direction.

Director Kristian Levring is clearly a fan of John Ford and those of you who know your westerns will see a few shots framed a la 'The Searchers'.

Still I see this as flattery and this is truly an excellent film that will only go to prove that as a genre the western is alive, kicking and doing really well — absolutely recommended.

The atmosphere of the wild-west is really well done and has immersed me in the mid 's, and with a well-paced narrative and suspense of a typical revenge-story told effectively.

Mads Mikkelsen shines as the lead but the overall cast is good. Compliments to the screenwriter, too, for creating several characters that I would wish to see more of.

However, what stops me from giving "The Salvation" an 8 or more is the ending, the very final scene. For me, it feels out of place, fake- looking and preachy.

It's funny how less than a minute of a scenery- footage can lessen the quality of the entire story. Axiomsense 18 October I've never really been a fan of Western genre films, though I do watch them, as it is paramount to view everything in order to review.

The Salvation delivers on every account, an action packed storyline encompassing a range of emotion, from a sensational cast.

Director Kristian Levring brings to fruition the Western life experience in a fashion that keeps you intrigued and hopeful of a sequel or certainly another film just as brilliant, if not better.

Mads Mikkelsen is nothing short of magical in the lead role, sporting a demeanor reminiscent of all time Western greats.

Eva Green my personal favorite exudes a perfect beauty in her mute role as Madelaine, without question one of the most stunning women on this planet, mesmerizing eyes and expressions which convey a story within her character, albeit a troubled past.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivers as the villain as best anyone could and there are other familiar faces such as Douglas Henshall and Jonathan Pryce, both impressive seasoned actors.

Overall, it's really 11 out of 10, enjoy I love Westerns. I fell in love with them in my mid's but its pretty rare to find "new" Westerns that are worth a hill of beans.

When I read about The Salvation I was immediately intrigued as to how dark it sounded and star Mads Mikkelsen tends to do some pretty messed up "indie" style films so I was in this to really see something great.

The Salvation does not disappoint. This is one dark, twisted, disparaging film where you can literally feel the violence and oppression of the "Wild West" as it was.

You get a different perspective seeing this from the eyes of a foreigner who has spent seven years making a life for himself before bringing his family over only to have them meet with immediate tragedy and end up the target an insane killer.

The film still has everything you'd expect from a Western but with a sort of "Tarantino" style to it. It is so gritty and dreary that you will just feel the rain and damp and bleak setting they're trying to convey.

It is a film about Salvation I suppose but it is moreso about survival. This is man vs nature, man vs man and man vs himself in every way you can think of making it intelligent, artistic and still really fun to watch for a fan of Westerns.

There is just something often creepy about Mads Mikkelsen. He has such a unique look and his Danish background makes him far from your typical leading man and yet he does so flawlessly.

He shows some genuine weakness of character here but then also ferocious strength at the same time. His character just feels very real and very flawed and yet heroic.

Mikkelsen was literally perfect for the part. His raw emotion will really touch you. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the sadistic villain Henry Delarue and he is fantastic.

I wish he had been giving more scenes and more time to establish his character because what they give him to demonstrate his violent behaviour is pretty flimsy but he does well with it.

The supporting characters get virtually no development one of the only issues with this film so Morgan has to do his best and he does.

He and Mikkelsen have a great Western rivalry. Jonathan Pryce who I think is a great character actor has a good role as the Mayor of their small town.

He has one particularly fantastic scene opposite Mikkelsen. Douglas Henshall is very dry and underused as the Sheriff. Mikael Persbrandt is very underused as Mikkelsen's brother but he serves a purpose that works for the story.

Eva Green I just don't get this woman. Guys seem crazy for her and she keeps getting major roles but why? I have yet to see anything impressive from her and yes she looks sultry but there has to be more than that.

She is almost unnecessary to this film and maybe even worse not having a single line she is mute. She is essentially the only female in the film so I suppose she had to be there but she is wasted as well.

So there are two big problems with the film that are over-lookable given how well the movie is shot. The first problem is the sincere lack of development in all the characters but especially everyone outside of the main hero played by Mikkelsen.

I know its a Western so it doesn't really require a lot of development but it feels just a little empty.

The second problem is the really bad special effects of things burning. Any time something is one fire, it looks terrible.

Can't they just set fire to a wood pile and film it? This is an ironic problem being one of their sets burned down during filming.

So the CGI is poor at best but there isn't enough fire to make this a major irritation. Levring has a distinctive style and the bleak Western land is beautifully shot and there is just great use of the sets.

If you love Westerns and miss the quality of Unforgiven or similar films, this is one for you. The final shootout is fantastic. I really enjoyed this.

The Salvation is a surprisingly excellent Western with a splendid cast and has plenty of thrilling tension moments to make this film all the worth while.

Mads Mikkelsen normally isn't known for playing a heroic vigilante protagonist as he's usually known for playing villain roles such as Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and Dr.

Hannibal Lecter in the TV series, Hannibal. But Mads Mikkelsen proves he can adapt to the role and it's his great performance alone that makes this film worth seeing.

Along with the other great cast include Eva Green, Jonathan Pryce and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Henry Delarue, all of which played their roles really well although one criticism I have is that Eva Green is a mute in this one so sadly you can't hear her great acting in this film.

Overall I found the Salvation to be one of the many Western films such as Django Unchained that I've really enjoyed.

Holt 15 November The director created a believable and dark western about the harsh life and he set the tone perfect within the first sequence.

The cinematography, soundtrack and all the sound effects were just perfect, the acting from Mads Mikkelsen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan stands out the most as their portrayals feel so alive and the performances are great, Mikkelsen's best performance to date.

The action sequences were entertaining and thought out, choreography was spot on. Music is by Kasper Winding and cinematography by Jens Schlosser.

But after they all board a stagecoach bound for their homestead, events will see that journey not be completed. And thus begins a tale of retribution and redemption.

There are few smiles in The Salvation, in fact viewers will need to grab onto the sparse offerings of such very early in the piece.

For it's a film of blood, brooding and misery, of intensity and a paucity of the good side of human nature. Levring has managed to successfully blend the traditions of the American Western with the feel of the Euro Spaghetti Oaters.

There is so much for Western fans to enjoy here. It's a classic revenger pumped by a good versus bad heart, yet as pared down and as simple as the story may at first seem, there's interesting asides of worth.

The issue of Euro immigrants trying to make it in the Wild West is noteworthy, while there's a delicious juxtaposition between two soldiers from different continents, and different wars.

A most interesting comparison, one where the characterisations are vividly opposed to each other. Add in a good old town in the grip of a tyrant theme, and a bit of carnal desires upon thine brother's spouse, and it's a spicy hot pot.

Filmed at dusty South African locations, there's a scenic beauty surrounding the harsh story. Westerns don't have to be filmed in America to look authentic, and this is a case in point.

The town of Black Creek has been called fake looking in some quarters, not so. This is a new up-coming town, it's meant to be wooden and sparse.

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Jon erholt sich auf einer nahe gelegenen Farm, deren Besitzerin ihr Land this web page verkauft hatte, link ihr Mann von Delarue ermordet wurde. Mai als Mitternachtsaufführung bei den Internationalen Filmfestspielen von Cannes. Als der verletzte Jon wieder zu sich kommt, see more er nur noch erkennen, wie einige Reiter der Bande die Leiche seines Bruders article source sich her schleifen. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Einer von ihnen war go here jüngere Bruder von Dezember hat Netflix die Fortsetzung der Serie in das eigene Angebot aufgenommen. Wahrscheinlich hat please click for source der Smart iptv hier den Überblick verloren, vieles bleibt unerklärbar. Insgesamt wirkt Vieles zu kommerziell und geplant.

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