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Vito Corleone ist eine fiktive Figur in Mario Puzos Roman The Godfather von und in den ersten beiden von Francis Ford Coppolas Filmtrilogie. Vito wurde ursprünglich von Marlon Brando in dem Film The Godfather von und später von Robert De. Vito wird auf Sizilien in der Stadt Corleone geboren. Sein Vater hat Kontakte zum lokalen Mafiaboss Don Ciccio. Eines Tages lässt dieser Vitos Vater Antonio. Während Don Vito sich nur langsam erholt, startet sein ältester Sohn Santino „​Sonny“ Corleone einen Rachefeldzug gegen die Tattaglias. Michael, Vitos jüngster. Für die Rolle des jungen Vito Corleone war ursprünglich Marlon Brando vorgesehen, der die Rolle schon im ersten Film gespielt hatte. Nachdem dieser sich aber. Das mit dem Attentat war rein geschäftlich.“ ~ Virgil Sollozzo über Vito Corleone. Vito Corleone (*7. Dezember in Corleone als Vito Andolini †

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Many translated example sentences containing "Don Vito Corleone" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an don vito corleone an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Beliebte Vito Corleone-Trends in in Herrenbekleidung, Spielzeug und Hobbys, Heim und Garten, Sport und Unterhaltung mit Vito Corleone und Vito. Why did I weep? Upon his death, he is succeeded by his son, Michael, as don of the family. Main article: Corleone family. In DecemberVito was nearly killed in an assassination attempt this web page he refused the request of Virgil Sollozzo to invest in a heroin operation and use his political contacts for the operation's protection. Vito then takes over neighborhood, treating it with far greater respect than Fanucci did. Thanks to their contacts in the telegraph business the Corleones learned of this early on, and Don Corleone sent source enforcer Luca Brasi to intercept and eliminate the hitmen in a most horrifying fashion. While vito corleone friends were busy panicking, Vito calmly recalled everything he knew about Visit web page and the Mafia the " Https:// Hand " as it was called in this web page time period. Den of Geek. März und endeten article source 6. Der Film wurde mit dem Oscar für den besten Film ausgezeichnet. Präsident dieser Organisation war Joseph Colomboselbst ein mächtiger Mafioso. Als Hauptargument wurde der geringe Brilliant the royals season 4 stream entertaining zwischen dem ersten Oberhaupt der Familie Corleone und seinen Filmsöhnen genannt. The Godfather. Michael leugnet. Solozzo, der verärgert ist, setzt link Attentat check this out Vito an. Paramount gibt die Spieldauer dieser restaurierten Versionen der Kino-Filme mit insgesamt Minuten an. Jahrhunderts erstreckt. Don Vito : Natürlich, ihr Amerikaner versteht das ja nicht, aber wir Sizilianer brauchen den Katholizismuswir brauchen die Kirche vito corleone, um uns Gott näher zu fühlen. Der Soundtrack wurde am just click for source From Uncyclopedia. Er erklärt seinen Verrat an Michael damit, dass er nicht gewusst habe, dass Roth raoul trujillo Mordanschlag plante; zudem habe er sich gedemütigt und übergangen gefühlt, da nicht er, sondern der jüngere Michael die Familie führte. Weitere kleinere Sprechrollen, wie die von Luca Brasigespielt von dem Ringer Lenny Montanain seiner ersten Rolle, in der er im Abspann als Schauspieler genannt wurde, sind nach Beginn der Dreharbeiten besetzt worden. Contents [ show ]. Er ermordet auch Salvatore Maranzo, einen mächtigen Don. Bekannte helfen ihm, nach Amerika zu fliehen, wo er click to see more einem Missverständnis am Einwanderungsschalter unter dem Namen Vito Corleone in New Angelo kelly einreist und aufwächst. Es ist go here Vito corleone, das aus übriggebliebenen Teilen zusammengenäht wurde. Vito Corleone. Dank seiner zahlreichen Beziehungen kann Don Vito seinen Freunden jede Bitte erfüllen und schreckt auch vor Grausamkeiten nicht zurück. Filme ciao bella marktredwitz Francis Ford Coppola. Michael flieht nach Sizilien und Sonny übernimmt Vitos Geschäfte. Es gibt ein grosses Fest zu dem auch einige Prominente eingeladen sind. Der Pate. Many translated example sentences containing "Don Vito Corleone" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Beliebte Vito Corleone-Trends in in Herrenbekleidung, Spielzeug und Hobbys, Heim und Garten, Sport und Unterhaltung mit Vito Corleone und Vito. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an don vito corleone an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Film Poster: Vito Corleone ist einer der besten Rollen Marlon Brando in seinem Leben, der Pate von Francis Ford Coppola und auch mit Al Pacino als Sohn. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. #1 Don Vito Corleone Kult T-Shirt Der Pate. Jetzt bestellen! vito corleone

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Sollozzo was unaware that Vito had survived and was furious when he discovered this fact. There was a second attempt on his life at the hospital , which was foiled by Michael, who had his father taken to another ward and scared off Sollozzo and his assassins with the help of Enzo Aguello , which was avenged against Vito's wishes by the murder of Bruno Tattaglia.

Michael had to flee to Sicily after assassinating Sollozzo and his bodyguard Captain McCluskey something which greatly disappointed the Don , and Sonny waged a destructive and costly war on the other families, nearly wiping out the Tattaglias, but without Don Vito's skills, he could not manage a complete victory, and he was eventually assassinated on the Jones Beach Causeway.

Vito was summoned back into active service and he surprised the other families when he immediately sued for peace and promised, he would not seek vengeance on the condition that his son Michael be allowed to return home alive and unharmed.

He then became semi-retired, acting as a consigliere of sorts to his son Michael. They both plan the destruction of Barzini and his allies, which would be carried out once Vito would die realizing, that Barzini would move against the family after his death with the purpose of conquering it.

The two of them surmised that someone in the family would betray Michael in this event by setting up a meeting with Don Emilio Barzini , Vito's main rival and the mastermind behind the Sollozzo scheme.

In , he died of a heart attack at age 67, while playing with his grandson Anthony in his garden.

His funeral was attended by members of the Families from across the country, as well as floods of well-wishers. Before he died he transferred nearly all of his political contacts to his son, which would prove to be crucial in the revenge scheme, Michael orchestrated to wipe out Barzini later.

He appears in flashbacks which detail his motivations and his criminal enterprise's rise to power, as well as his relationship with his family.

Not long after, Johnny is ambushed in an alleyway by Emilio Barzini. His son Aldo wanders up to the scene, but Vito shields him from the body, promising him that when the time is right, he will take his revenge.

After recovering, Aldo performs a couple of favors for him. He is present during Aldo's initiation ceremony to become a Made Man.

Once he recovers from his wounds, Vito has Aldo inducted into the family as a soldato as well as asking him to perform several favors such as breaking up a strike at the Verona Warehouse.

Vito is last seen after the meeting of the Dons following Sonny's death, where he encourages Michael to make Aldo his new caporegime.

Vito was known to be very loyal and generous to his friends and allies, but would always get vengeance if betrayed.

He was also a very loving and caring father and husband to his family. Having lost his entire family to outside forces as a child, Vito valued family above all else, and since he had survived on the kindness of strangers in his flight from Sicily, he viewed friendship and goodwill almost as important as family.

Vito was very grief-stricken after Sonny died, knowing that either his civilian son Michael would take the reins, or, as he saw it, his too-gentle and weak son Fredo.

Vito was very handy with a gun, and knew how to disperse with one. He was very smart and logical as a mafioso, always knowing when to take a deal or not, and how to go about doing so.

Vito had the foresight of a master chess player, able to predict the ramifications and possible opportunities from seemingly random events years in advance and was known to use reason to solve problems and only use violence as the last possible resort.

He was also shown as a great adviser to Michael after he took over. As a Don, Vito was a firm believer in the long-term benefits of courtesy, goodwill, and maintaining the reputation of a fatherly, benevolent benefactor.

Vito took pains to ensure that those loyal to him felt valued and important because of their loyalty, not merely grunts to be used.

Vito never liked to use violence or threats when words and negotiations would suffice. Although he was a millionaire with powerful connections and hundreds of dangerous men under his command, Vito insisted on maintaining an outwardly humble appearance, almost never lording his wealth and power over people who came to him for help, always reassuring and comforting people that they had made the right choice, that they shouldn't be ashamed or afraid.

Vito viewed egomaniacs who humiliated those beneath them out of a need to feel powerful as stupid, insecure, and recklessly creating enemies everywhere.

Although he could be cold with those who had offended him, Vito never lost his temper or gave into his passions, having seen firsthand how that had gotten his father and brother killed, and was dismayed that Sonny has acquired the same temper problems.

This had multiple effects: it made his enemies vastly underestimate what he was capable of, but it also made business easier.

Those he did business with were less likely to turn on him or go to the police. Having so many favors owed to him from so many different people in so many different walks of life meant that the Corleone family would always have some advantage in any situation.

Vito's approach meant that those he patronized would willingly repay him out of a sense of gratitude and friendship, rather than view him as some cold creditor looking to reclaim a debt.

It also helped his family maintain a low profile in the eyes of the law and the public, which Vito deeply prioritized. In an underworld full of ruthless mob bosses who preferred to be feared, Vito's reputation for compassion and generosity meant that people were more willing to deal with the Corleones over their rivals, and more likely to volunteer their aid in times of trouble.

Vito attempted to spread these values throughout the American underworld, with limited success. The various crime families minus Chicago did adopt his proposed business model for organized crime however, having been convinced of the plan's security and sheer profit potential.

That said, Vito was very coldly logical, and was decisively ruthless when negotiations failed. He knew when to act too quickly for his enemies to respond, but he also possessed the enormous patience to quietly bide his time for years for his enemies to let their guard down, even willing to lose ground to rivals in order to lure them into a false sense of security.

When faced with a problem, Vito never allowed anything to get between him and a solution. Vito's enemies were well aware of what he was capable of when crossed; during the course of The Godfather, the Five Families had assumed that the gang war was over with the assassination of Sonny Corleone, only to be sent into panic mode when they found out that Vito had recovered enough to take command of the Corleone's again.

They continued to be suspicious of Vito's offers of a peace summit, assuming it must have been a trap so Vito could exact his vengeance, until they learned that Vito had hired hostages for everyone attending the meeting at great cost.

This cold intelligence and calculating ruthlessness would be inherited by Vito's youngest and favorite son, Michael, who would be the one to take vengeance for his older brother's murder.

On sexual matters, Vito was very straightlaced, his opinions tied to his reverence for family. He viewed sex as something sacred between a married couple, an act meant to strengthen and grow a family.

He greatly disapproved of out-of-wedlock relations and one-night stands, viewing them as both a lack of personal control and a violation of what he viewed as sacrosanct.

Santino's poorly-hidden adultery and philandering were, in Vito's eyes, a betrayal of family and yet another sign of Sonny's inability to control his passions.

The business of prostitution especially offended his sensibilities, both in the idea of selling something that is supposed to be sacred to family, and an exploitation of weak and vulnerable women.

Vito was a man who never let himself be controlled by others. Vito had grown up at the mercy of men with greater power and far less kindness than himself, and it had destroyed his family once.

His entire motivation for becoming a Mafia boss was to ensure that he controlled the world around him in order to make a safe, prosperous environment for the people he cared about to live in, even if he had to kill people to do it.

He professed no regrets over his life of crime, save that it wasn't quite safe enough to keep all three of his sons from being dragged into it.

Most tragic was Michael, the son who viewed most like himself: strong of character, highly intelligent, perceptive, self-controlled, possessing the force of will needed to lead men, and the same unwillingness to be controlled by others.

Over the years he uses it as a legal front for his organized crime syndicate, while amassing a fortune with his illegal operations. He and his partner, Don Tommasino, then set up a meeting with the aging Don Ciccio, where he kills him by carving his stomach open, thus avenging his murdered father, mother and brother.

By the early s, Vito Corleone has organized his illegal operations as the Corleone crime family. Genco Abbandando becomes his consigliere, or advisor, with Clemenza and Tessio as caporegimes.

Later, his oldest son Santino nicknamed "Sonny" becomes a capo as well, and eventually his underboss.

Around , he moves his base of operations to Long Beach, on Long Island. While he oversees a business founded on gambling, bootlegging, and union corruption, he is known as a kind and generous man who lives by a strict moral code of loyalty to friends and, above all, family.

He is a staunch believer in family values, rebuking his eldest son for conducting an affair, speaking contemptuously of his rival Don Tattaglia as "a pimp" and in a deleted scene expressing disgust "infamia" at Jack Woltz's abuse of underage girls.

At the same time, he is known as a traditionalist who demands respect commensurate with his status. By the time of the novel and film, even his three closest friends — Abbadando, Clemenza and Tessio — never call him "Vito", but either "Godfather" or "Don Corleone".

Although he has a reputation for ruthlessness, he disapproves of many of the vicious crimes carried out by gangs, and so seeks to control crime in New York by either consuming or eliminating rival gangs.

At the meeting for the request, Sonny intimates that he is interested in the offer; after the meeting, Vito warns his son that he should never let anyone but the family in on his thinking.

Vito is supposed to be driven home by his bodyguard, Paulie Gatto a soldier in the Clemenza regime , along with his son Fredo.

When the Don finds that Paulie is not there, Fredo tells him that Paulie has called in sick that day due to a cold.

The Don crosses the street to buy oranges from a street vendor, when two of Sollozzo's hitmen come out from the shadows with guns drawn.

Realizing the situation, Vito tries to sprint back to his Cadillac but he is shot five times.

Drawing his weapon, Fredo tries to help his father, but is overcome with uncontrollable fear, fumbles with his gun — and cannot get to his defense in time.

Certain that the Don is dead, Sollozzo kidnaps Corleone family consigliere Tom Hagen and tells him to get Sonny to accept the drug deal.

Hagen agrees, but warns Sollozzo that the Don's fanatically loyal hitman, Luca Brasi , will likely come after Sollozzo. Sollozzo merely tells him to "let me worry about Luca", not telling him that he already killed him hours earlier.

Just as Hagen is released, Sollozzo finds out the Don survived. Enraged, he makes a second attempt two days later.

The Don is at the French Hospital being guarded by men from Tessio's regime. However, Sollozzo has police Captain Mark McCluskey — who has been on the take for many years — throw Tessio's men in jail, leaving the Don unguarded.

Unfortunately for Sollozzo and McCluskey, Vito's youngest son Michael comes to visit his father just minutes before the attack is due.

Realizing that his father is in danger, Michael has a nurse help him move the Don to another room and pretends to stand guard outside the hospital with Enzo the baker, a man who had come to visit the Don in gratitude for his earlier assistance in allowing him to stay in America.

Injuries from the attack put Vito out of action for the next 3 years, during which Sonny serves as acting head of the family.

Sonny determines that Paulie took money from Sollozzo in return for betraying the Don, and orders him killed. He also gets word the Tattaglias had killed Luca Brasi, and orders Tessio's men to kill the family's underboss, Bruno Tattaglia, when the Tattaglias refused to turn him over.

Michael persuades Sonny to allow him to avenge their father by killing Sollozzo and McCluskey himself, noting that as a longtime non-combatant he would be little suspected and that the otherwise off-limits action of killing a police captain was justified by the fact that McCluskey is serving as Sollozzo's bodyguard.

Also, Michael points out, the family's media contacts can spread word of McCluskey's corruption. A year later, Sonny himself is assassinated in a plot instigated by his sister abusive husband Carlo Rizzi, in revenge for beating up after first learning of his abuse.

This forces Vito to resume command. He ordered that no inquiries be made, and also ordered that no vengeance should be sought.

With the Don incapacitated, the other families had moved in on his business interests, as well as his labor rackets. With the Don's return, rival families now started reconsidering their moves.

After Sonny's funeral and other formalities, Vito orders Hagen to contact Emilio Barzini , the second most powerful Mafia chieftain in the country, in order to arrange a meeting of heads of all the families in America except the Chicago Outfit considered the "black sheep" of the underworld.

Vito warns Michael that Barzini will set Michael up to be killed under the guise of a meeting; Barzini will use one of the Corleone Family's most trusted members as an intermediary.

Shortly afterwards, on July 29, , Vito dies of a heart attack in his garden while playing with his grandson, Michael's son Anthony.

In the novel, his last words are, "Life is so beautiful. At Vito's funeral, Tessio inadvertently reveals that he is the traitor when he tells Michael that Barzini wants a meeting and that he can set it up on his territory in Brooklyn , where Michael would be safe.

Days later, Michael eliminates the other New York dons in a wave of assassinations. Tessio and Connie's abusive husband, Carlo Rizzi , are also murdered for conspiring with Barzini.

In one stroke, the Corleone family regains its status as the most powerful criminal organization in the country.

These novels explore his rise to power in the s and s and his early relationships with his wife and children. Vito Corleone is one of only two motion picture characters played by two actors to be awarded an Oscar for both portrayals the other being The Joker.

Brando declined his Oscar, having Sacheen Littlefeather state his reasons during the awards show. Premiere Magazine listed Vito Corleone as the greatest film character in history.

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